The Forum for the Study of Planned Events

The Form for the Study of Planned Events is dedicated to providing government, event professionals and sponsors with scientific evidence of the linkages between planned events and education, health, wealth, environmental sustainability and social cohesion.

We provide

  • assessment
  • evaluation
  • research and
  • development services

for government officials and policy makers, event professionals in corporations, festivals, sports and corporate sponsors. The Forum is involved in is managed by a team of professional researchers from Queen Margaret University. External experts are engaged as required for each project.

Professor Joe Goldblatt, FRSA was the founding Executive Director of the Forum for the Study of Planned Events. He is the author and editor of 25 books in the field of event management and marketing. Professor Goldblatt has conducted event management consultancies in Scotland, United Kingdom, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Palestine, the Philippines and Thailand for organisations such as the US Agency for International Development. In addition, he has conducted assessment and evaluation programmes for a wide range of government and commercial clients throughout the world.