The Forum for the Study of Planned Events

The Form for the Study of Planned Events is dedicated to providing government, event professionals and sponsors with scientific evidence of the linkages between planned events and education, health, wealth, environmental sustainability and social cohesion.

We provide

  • assessment
  • evaluation
  • research and
  • development services

for government officials and policy makers, event professionals in corporations, festivals, sports and corporate sponsors. The Forum is involved in is managed by a team of professional researchers from Queen Margaret University. External experts are engaged as required for each project.

Professor Joe Goldblatt, FRSA was the founding Executive Director of the Forum for the Study of Planned Events. He is the author and editor of 25 books in the field of event management and marketing. Professor Goldblatt has conducted event management consultancies in Scotland, United Kingdom, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Palestine, the Philippines and Thailand for organisations such as the US Agency for International Development. In addition, he has conducted assessment and evaluation programmes for a wide range of government and commercial clients throughout the world.

Each evaluation study is customised to achieve the individual outcomes desires by the sponsoring organisation. The cost for these services varies based upon the scope, resources and time required. In some cases, external grant funding may be available to support your project.

To discuss a potential future evaluation or research project with our team, please contact the Centre Coordinator.


Examples of Evaluation Research

Fife Council Celebrating Fife 2010 Study

The Fife Council contracted with the Form to evaluate the well being outcomes experienced by the rounds of participants and hundreds of organisers associated with this event.  The study included focus panels, survey research and observation (ethnography).  As a result of this research, the Fife Council adopted the methodology developed by the Forum for future evaluation of all events held in the county.

The Papal Visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

His eminence, Cardinal O'Brien appointed e centre as the official evaluation partner for the state visit of The Pope to Edinburgh. The forum conducted interviews with participants, observation and a media scan to determine the well being and media image outcomes of this visit.

Philadelphia Welcome America Celebration Study

This is the largest Fourth of July event in America.  Professor Goldblatt and associates conducted survey research to identify the economic, social and environmental impacts of this annual event that is attended by over one million persons.


Centre Research Associates

  • Dr Rebecca Finkel
  • Trevor Laffin
  • Dr Cathy Matheson
  • Mike Pretious
  • Chris Preston
  • Philip Riddle
  • Dr Majella Sweeney

Distinguished Research and Consultancy Fellows

In addition to the highly skilled and experienced internal academic team, external experts who are luminaries in their field are engaged as required for each project. The following individuals are Distinguished Fellows of the Forum for the Study of Planned Events and provide research, evaluations, assessments, consultancies, training and professional development:

Donald Getz, PhD, University of Calgary, Senior Distinguished Fellow Dessislava Boshnakova, PhD, Sofia, Bulgaria Ros Derrett, PhD, formerly of Southern Cross University, Australia

Sam deBlanc Goldblatt, Director, deBlanc Ltd., UK Alexander Shumovich, Eventum, Moscow, Russia Lynn Van der Wagen, TAFE Australia Oleg Vorob, PhD, Siberian Federal University at Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Distinguished International Consultants

Gene Columbus, entertainment casting (retired), Walt Disney World (USA) Peter Irvine, President, Unique Events Ltd, producer of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay (UK) Jean McFaddin, producer of the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade (USA) Mary Miller, Director, Stavanger 2008, Stavanger, Norway European Capital of Culture (Norway) David Rich, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Marketing/Worldwide, George P. Johnson, Experience Marketing (USA) Steven Wood Schmader, CFEE, author and President / CEO International Festivals and Events Association (USA)

World’s first meeting and events lab

MeetingMatrix International is the most advanced technology solutions company in the global events industry. They have provided an opportunity by creating a PhD studentship in the Forum to develop the world’s first meeting and event technology laboratory.


MeetingMetrics is a unique, professional meeting results measurement service firm based in New York City with an amplified ability to reach and serve numerous client-users through its large-scale, online, system of integrated specialized survey and reporting tools.

The Japan Institute of Eventology

The concept of eventology was conceived 30 years ago in Tokyo, Japan when an international advertising conglomerate wished to measure and evaluate the outcome of their advertising events. The government later created the Japan Institute of Eventology.


Association for Events Management Education (AEME)

International Special Events Society (ISES)

International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA)

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

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