Mr Christopher Preston (BA hons, MPhil) is a Lecturer in the Queen Margaret Business School.

Chris Preston has a background in the retail and drinks sector where he was responsible for marketing research, advertising and direct marketing roles. This experience has been focused upon the electrical, fashion, and drinks sectors, working for major retail and manufacturing corporations. Increasingly as his career developed more fully into marketing research there was a good deal of professional presentation at sales conferences which provided a grounding for an eventual redirection towards the University sector, where he has remained ever since.

Upon moving into Academia he began a career in marketing education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This involved foundation courses in marketing, marketing research uses and methods, advertising and marketing communications and strategic marketing decision making. These courses have been delivered to students studying for qualifications in Business, Public Relations, Hospitality and Events. Chris has published an international text book for Wiley’s of New York on Event Marketing that has been sold in Europe, the United States and China.

Research/Knowledge Exchange Centre Membership:

  • Consumer Insight Centre - Affiliate

Chris’s research interests have a longstanding focus upon marketing and children. This has taken various perspectives. Advertising standards regulations have been scrutinized via the comprehensions of children as to their suitability and effectiveness. Adult orientated advertising, such as for financial services have been used to assess children’s understandings of less familiar advertising forms. The role of economic socialisation in economic heath within a capitalist context has been assessed. Recently Chris’s research has investigated marketing to pre-school children and the meta legal implications of on-line advertising to Children, and has contributed to journalism on this matter.

Active Research Interests:

  • Marketing and pre-school children
  • Internet marketing to children
  • Food marketing

Research Methods:

  • Interviews, focus groups

General Teaching Interests: Marketing, Marketing Research, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Strategic decision making, International Marketing