Academic Timetables

Timetables for courses (groups) and modules can be accessed using the following link, using any internet connection.

This view shows all events that run in weeks 1 to 52. Note that week 1 is reserved for the official Induction, and most (but not all) teaching only commences in week 2.

Due to data protection and privacy concerns, this view of the timetable does not include any staff names, and only shows module and group (course) timetables for both semesters.

*The following views of the same timetable (but split by semesters/weeks and including staff information) can only be viewed from within the QMU network.

Semester 1
Limited to events that run in weeks 1 to 19, inclusive.

Semester 2
Limited to events that run in weeks 20 to 52, inclusive.

Current Week
From the start of the academic year, timetables at this location will be limited to those of the current week only.

More information on week numbers, holidays etc, can be found on the university’s academic calendar.

Personalised Timetables (iCal)

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make use of iCal, students must have matriculated. As such, please ensure you have matriculated before trying iCal.

The iCal feed is a way to view personal, course or room timetables in calendar applications like those used by Outlook and many smartphones.

The feed is updated if there are any changes to the timetable, which means that you can use either Outlook or your smartphone to see the up-to-date time and room information for all teaching and learning events, at any time.

Note that the feed for your personal timetable is encrypted for your privacy, and only you can subscribe to view it by using your QMU email address.

The preferred option is to make use of iCal via Outlook on your QMU Desktop. This format is not only more reliable and robust but is also supported here at QMU. Below are instructions on how to add your iCal feed to Outlook on your QMU Desktop, as well as how to add it to Android devices, iOS devices, Windows phones and your student Office 365 Exchange (or Webmail) account. Simply click the format you wish to learn more about to see a complete set of instructions as well as troubleshooting sections for each.

Outlook (Using QMU Thin-client Environment)

Android Devices

iOS Devices

Windows Phone and Webmail

Exam Timetables

Exam timetables are generated a few weeks prior to each session.