Matriculation and Enrolment

All students are required to formally register with Queen Margaret University; this registration process is referred to as Online Matriculation. Once you have matriculated, you are entitled to pursue your course and access online facilities. The process will take around 15 Minutes to complete.

New Students
An email will be sent from Registry prompting new students to complete the process during August (for students who commence study in September) and December (for students who commence in January). Please do not attempt to complete the process before you have received the email.

Returning Students
For all returning students, matriculation for the new academic year will commence from early September.


Current Students Information

For more information on matriculation, examinations, graduation, tuition fees or smartcards contact: Registry.

For more information on submissions, absences, extenuating circumstances, placement administration or module selection contact: Academic Administration.

Show Contacts

Current Students Information

Registry For registry enquiries. 0131 474 0000
Academic Administration For academic administration enquiries. 0131 474 0000