Our aim is to provide access to all the information resources that are available on campus to those who choose to work remotely. Remote Access is provided through our Remote Desktop service and VPN (Virtual Private Networking).

Remote Desktop is available to all staff and students whereas VPN is only available to staff and is recommended only when Remote Desktop is not sufficient. Remote Desktop is best for staff and students who require simple, fast access to a standard environment and is the preferred method of connection. This environment appears exactly as it does on a thin-client terminal on campus.

How to connect your device (Windows & Mac users)

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  • Remote Access
  • VPN


How to connect your device (Windows & Mac users)

System requirements:

PC - Windows 7 or above, Internet Explorer 10 or above, Citrix Receiver 4.2 for Windows with a minimum 2MB internet connection

Mac - OS X 10.7 or above, Safari, Chrome or Firefox, Citrix Receiver 11.9.15 for Mac with a minimum 2MB internet connection

VPN is intended for staff power users who have the required software already installed on their remote laptop or PC and who have specific needs which Remote Desktop cannot meet.

How to connect remotely using VPN access

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