Gordon Campbell (BSc, M Phil) is a Lecturer in the Queen Margaret Business School.

I joined QMU in 2003 having previously studied and taught at Strathclyde University. Before this I worked in various operational and supply chain roles (production planning, forecasting, inventory management, procurement) within the IT, Textile and Scottish Whisky industries.

My key research interests are in long term strategy, and within this I have a particular interest in the relationship between futures methods and the organisational (formal and informal structures). I also have a developing interest in supply chain relationship, specifically how to develop and improve relationship quality and system performance.

Active research interests:

  • Strategy, Scenario Planning, Organisational Learning, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Relationships.


The subjects that I primarily teach are in the areas of; strategic management, logistics and supply chain management and project management, amongst other topics.

Programme Leader:

  • MSc International Management and Leadership