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by Queen Margaret University Blog

What is person-centred care and how is QMU’s research in this field informing Person-Centred Prac read more

by Queen Margaret University Blog

Critical dialogue is helping young Scots and Malawians develop confidence and gain empowerment read more

by Queen Margaret University Blog

Blog Author - Regina Mosch My practice research begins where a traumatic experience collides with read more

by Blogs

Every year the university conducts a travel survey, collecting commuting habits of staff and stud read more

by Karen Hicks

Karen Hicks, Course Leader, BSc (Hons) Public Health at QMU, explains what public health is and w read more

by Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation

Salt has many functionalities in the food we consume every day; it acts as a flavour enhancer, it read more

by Scottish Centre for Food Development and Innovation

We determine the texture of a food by how it looks, how it feels, how it’s perceived by receptors read more

by QMU Sustainability

Hedgehog Friendly Campus Award Recently a small group of students and staff have gotten together read more


Researchers from Queen Margaret University (QMU), in collaboration with the United Nations for Re read more


A research study on the experience of the United Nations for Relief and Works Agency of Palestine read more

by Stephanie Arsoska

Blog by Stephanie Arsoska and the Practice Research Group. This short reflection explores some of read more

by Dr Geetha Marcus

Early in September this year, the Senior Management Team at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh read more

by Queen Margaret University Blog

For any new students starting their first semester at QMU this September 2021, we’ve created a mi read more

by Victory Oforji

As we work towards creating a truly inclusive curriculum which allows all students to reach their read more

by Dr Geetha Marcus

Stephen Lawrence was a black British teenager who was murdered in an unprovoked racially motivate read more

by Andrew Rooke

As an early-career researcher in the process of completing my PhD, I am often reminded of the dev read more

by Dr Sarah Kantartzis

This column originally appeared in The Scotsman (1 April 2021) It is no secret that children lear read more

by Rumbi Mukumba

Hello! I am Rumbi Mukumba, a Level 2 Diagnostic Radiography student at QMU. I moved from Birmingh read more

by Dr Rebecca Finkel & Bianca Mastrominico

Discussing how to decolonise the curriculum in the middle of a pandemic might add an extra challe read more

by Nicholas Flynn

From shark dives to high rise plank walks, Queen Margaret University’s first use of VR technology read more

by Professor Alastair Ager

This article was first published in The Times on 16 March 2021. The lengthening days and progress read more

by Dr Kath MacDonald

In May 2020 I received a telephone call from Professor Fiona Coutts, Dean of Health Sciences at Q read more

by QMU Communications Team

Growing up in the late 1990s/early 2000s, being gay wasn't something that I discussed with my fri read more

by Jack Parkhouse

Starting university is scary for everybody. It’s an enormous change, treading anxiously into that read more

by Dr Kristen Knowles

As a psychologist, I am asked a lot of questions about behaviour. Why do we do what we do? Why do read more

by Dr Fiona Maclean

During this pandemic, the ongoing kindness, expertise and resilience of the diverse professions w read more

by Bianca Mastrominico

Adapting performance work and research into an experimental digital form due to Covid-19 affected read more

by Kerieva McCormick

Kerieva McCormick (KM), Director/Choreographer and Honorary Research Fellow at QMU, in conversati read more

by Bianca Mastrominico

There is widespread evidence that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought many in the performing art read more


There is no doubt that affluent, mostly Western, societies have significantly contributed to gree read more

by Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences

This post has been written by a QMU postgraduate British Sign Language/English Interpreting stude read more


[Published by Dr Alison Strang, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Global Health and Dev read more

by Gift Thompson

My name is Gift Thompson and I am from Malawi. I'm a second year student studying Public Sociolog read more

by Bryanna Lazich, Sheldon McDonald and Rachel McCaffrey

We are Bryanna Lazich, Sheldon McDonald and Rachel McCaffrey, three international students from a read more

by Mark Gillham

Photographers love a challenge and what better than an opportunity to document the impact of a wo read more

by Alexia Mitchell

Hello everyone! My name is Alexia Mitchell and I graduated from Queen Margaret University’s MSc O read more

by Christopher Green

Within one minute of going onto social media, in this case Facebook, it’s clear to see that we ar read more

by Almut Echtler

Ever since I was quite young, I have enjoyed spending time on the British Isles. I’ve always like read more

by Charlotte Cranston

My educational journey has been less like a marathon and more like a really long game of hopscotc read more

by Dr Eurig Scandrett

What is the future for public sociology in and after COVID-19? Certainly it would seem, some of o read more

by Silviya Sotirova

It feels like just yesterday that my year group arrived at university as fresh-faced freshers div read more

by Drs Fiona Maclean and Anthony Schrag

The world is suddenly online: and the use of screen-based communication has increased exponential read more

by Dr Helen Coker

During lock-down schools across the world have gone ‘online’ and are using digital platforms to k read more

by Sian Jones

As coronavirus has spread, reports suggest online bullying is spreading in tandem. read more

by Megan Kingsbury

Being quarantined or in lockdown at first is like a new unexplored adventure, finally many of us read more

by Dominic Hinde

For most of us sitting at home under lockdown, scanning social media and news websites has become read more


After graduating from the Institute of Global Health and Development (IGHD) with an MSc Global He read more


In this blog post, I would like to reflect on my experience of travelling in the COVID-19 crisis read more


On 9th March I arrived home from working in South Sudan, and had a few days at home before leavin read more

by Silviya Sotirova

Silviya Sotirova, a 4th year QMU film and media student shares her optimistic thoughts on keeping read more

by Dr Anthony Schrag

Often, ‘Practice Research’ is referred to by different names — practice-led research, practice-ba read more


Last year I was in a position to reflect with some of our UK, Lebanon and Jordan-based Refugee Ho read more


I am a Community Health Advocate and freelance citizen reporter for the media group ‘On Our Radar read more

by Professor David Stevenson

In many countries it is not unusual to hear of cultural organizations attempting to diversify the read more


In 2007 I spent a year working at the Witness and Victims Section of the Special Court for Sierra read more

by Dominic Hinde

Media graduates need practical skills, but they also need to see media in a new social context. I read more

by Dr Anthony Schrag

It perhaps seems counter-intuitive to celebrate our failures. Who, after all, wants to draw atten read more


The GHI Research Team shares impressions from exploratory fieldwork on a neglected issue. read more

by Dr Anthony Schrag

In my artistic and academic work, I am interested in exploring art within the processes and pract read more

by Dr Stefanie Van De Peer

From 25 October to 3 November 2019 my festival colleagues and I celebrated the 14th edition of th read more


Completing a PhD was a lifetime ambition of mine, as a Demonstrator and later an Associate Lectur read more

by Heather Fulton

Heather Fulton - an MA Arts, Festivals and Cultural Management student at Queen Margaret Universi read more

by Jared Baker

Queen Margaret University (QMU) student, Jared Baker, was given the opportunity to study a semest read more

by Dr Anthony Schrag

Practice-research is a methodology in which knowledge is gained via the doing of something, rathe read more

by QMU Communications Team

Choosing a university is a big decision. As well as scoping out what kind of courses are on offer read more


Nadine Zablith and Maria El Koussa, RUHF researchers based at the Global Health Institute at AUB read more

by QMU Communications Team

If you’re reading this, chances are you are thinking of studying at Queen Margaret University, Ed read more

by Alexandria Brown

Alexandria Brown is a student from Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh. Alexandria, who st read more

by Dr Rachel Mapson

Rachel Mapson, BSL/English Interpreting Lecturer, looks at the benefits and drawbacks of a Nation read more

by Jessica Vetters

When I first visited Queen Margaret University (QMU) on an Open Day, it struck me that a lot of s read more

by Alistair Lowe

Since visiting Queen Margaret University (QMU), Edinburgh back in August 2016 at the undergraduat read more

by Dr Kristen Knowles

As the age-old advice goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. We are so prone to the pre-judgement read more

by Yeliz Cavrar

The past semester has been the biggest adventure for me. It is not easy to put this experience in read more

by Kenny Wessner

Just a regular guy, living somewhere in the heart of Europe If someone had told me five years ago read more

by QMU Recruitment and Admissions Team

Going to a UCAS exhibition can be an overwhelming experience. The events are bustling, with lots read more

by Ylenia Saitta

As I start my fourth year at QMU, I’ve been reflecting back on the incredible experience I had in read more

by Claire Seaman

Family owned firms are the most common form of business in existence. Definitions vary (and are i read more

by QMU Recruitment and Admissions Team

At this time of year, we start sending out invitations to interviews to applicants for courses wh read more

by Dr Duncan Pentland

Living life can be messy. Balancing our different roles and responsibilities - some chosen, some read more

by Professor Brigid Daniel

Who’d want to be a teacher? Today, far from being seen as valued professionals, teachers are port read more

by Bea Welmer

Queen Margaret has the upper hand in terms of a strong sense of community compared to other unive read more

by Simon Sohm

Today, family firms represent from 80 up to 98 per cent of all companies globally and reach betwe read more

by Dr Ann Clark

Communication difficulty is the most common type of disability experienced by children and adults read more

by Jacqueline Ackermann and Franziska Karthaus

When our lecturers first suggested in class how great it would be if students set up a Psychology read more

by Mel Fraser

PR, marketing and events management... it’s an industry I know I want to spend my working life in read more

by Adrian Crighton

At this point it's fair to say that I'm all about QMU. At one stage this year I not only studied read more

by Dr Olivia Sagan

When Labour MP Jo Cox was brutally murdered on June 16th last year, on her agenda was a plan to l read more

by Stephen Darling

In the classic film ‘Casablanca’, there is a famous scene when Humphrey Bogart instructs the pian read more

by Professor Alastair Ager

Edinburgh recently welcomed the 1,000th person granted refuge in Scotland through the Syrian Rese read more

by QMU Communications Team

Returning to work from holiday is often a chore however, on this occasion my spirits were lifted read more

by Amy Millar and Amy McCue

We are Amy Millar and Amy McCue - more commonly known on our course as “The Amy’s”. Both being 20 read more

by QMU Communications Team

With a new year, comes a renewed drive to trim the waist line and shed the extra pounds gained du read more

by QMU Careers and Employability Team

We’re often asked about teaching as a career and the process involved in applying for teacher tra read more

by Callum McEachern

“How to make the most of your studies?” is a question that is often asked. What are the best tech read more

by Callum McEachern

Prepare before you get to the University. Consider attending an open day event to find out what i read more

by Callum McEachern

Moving away from home can be daunting whether you are undergraduate or a postgraduate. At Queen M read more

by David Craig

It’s week three of University. Slowly but surely, I’m getting back in to the swing of things. I’m read more

by Emma Reekie

My first day at QMU was a scary one, as I’m sure it was for everyone. Having only just moved from read more

by Iain Scott

For me higher education is about working towards achieving your potential to catapult you into th read more

by Kim Lawlor

From where I started my academic journey, like many things in life, I have arrived at a very diff read more

by Lucie Weir

Life in general is a bit tricky on a student budget. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there. Once th read more

by Lucie Weir

Have you ever wondered, where do you even begin with food shopping? Well, hopefully this strategi read more

by Lucie Weir

When at university, the mere thought of exams can be exhausting - as deadlines, essays and group read more

by Lucie Weir

As I mentioned previously in the part I of this series [exam fuel – snacks], trying to cook and e read more

by Lucie Weir

I’m sure you are probably quite well aware that we are recommended to eat five portions of fruit read more

by Mohammed Maj Meah

There is a completely different feeling living outside the campus and inside. I lived in halls of read more

by Paul Surgenor

My experience and the things I learned from a Semester Down Under.... read more

by Taja Strle

Moving abroad isn't easy. No matter how prepared we are, it is inevitable that we'll have some so read more

by Chris Gill

To mark World Consumer Rights Day in 2016, experts from Queen Margaret University’s Consumer Disp read more

by Claire Seaman

The links between migration and starting up a small business are well established – starting a bu read more

by Claire Seaman

Family business as a research field has developed significantly in recent years and there is quit read more

by Claire Seaman

Family and Smaller Enterprises (FaSE) Impact and Sustainability for Family and Smaller Enterprise read more

by Stephen Darling

By now, the outcome of the US election has lost its novelty and, you have probably begun to ackno read more

by Professor Sophie Witter

Tuberculosis continues to be one of the world’s biggest killers, and remains in the top 10 causes read more

by Professor Alastair Ager

In the summer of 2005, when Scotland hosted the G8 summit at Gleneagles, global health issues wer read more

by Professor Alastair Ager

The youth and community centre in Mafraq we were visiting bore all the familiar hallmarks of a fa read more

by Professor David Stevenson

It’s August and once again Edinburgh is festooned with creativity. Street performers holler from read more