IGHD 30 Year Anniversary

This year is the 30th Anniversary of IGHD and we want to celebrate! Started in 1993 as the Centre for International Health Studies, IGHD has developed into a small, globally respected centre for research and education.


IGHD 30th Anniversary Photography Competition

As part of these celebrations, we want to tell the story of IGHD through the images of our staff, students, and alumni.

We invite submissions for the following categories:

  • IGHD alumni: Let us know with a photo how IGHD shaped your life. Where are you now? What work do you do? Where do you live? The photo might express anything that links your life and you time with IGHD.

  • IGHD staff and students: Share a moment of your fieldwork, a meeting, a team-building activity, a project particularly meaningful to you, or anything that will tell us more about your work and study at IGHD.

  • Everyone: tell us what global health and development means to you.

Submission guidelines

Please send your submission to [ighd@qmu.ac.uk] along with a brief caption (explaining who is in the image, the location, the project/content of the photo, the organisations/institutions involved etc.). Each person can submit a maximum of 5 pictures.

Photography Technical Guidance

1.      Quality of each photo must be at as a high resolution as possible (max 20 MB)

2.      Format: JPEG or TIFF

3.      No collages will be accepted.

4.      Digital alteration of photos should not be done/kept to a minimum.

In the subject of the email with your submission add: IGHD photo competition + Your name

The deadline for submissions is by 4pm, Friday 29th September 2023.


Judging Criteria

Photos are screened initially based on technical aspects i.e., exposure, focus, colour, lighting etc. They are judged based on content (relevance to category), message, theme, creativity etc., by a panel of judges. Three pictures for each category will be selected.


Announcement of Results

Winners will be announced at a later date. The results will be posted on the website of IGHD and social media and the participants will be notified via email prior to the announcement.


Conditions of Submission

All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party.

Photos will be screened for adherence to ethical principles. Entrants must have taken the photos responsibly and have sought relevant permissions for taking photos where required.

Copyright in all images submitted for this competition remains with the respective authors. However, in consideration of their providing the images for the competition, each entrant agrees that IGHD and QMU can feature any or all of the submitted images in their publications associated with anniversary activities, social media, website or in any promotional material, which may include display materials. Awarded photos will be posted to an online album and printed and exhibited at the IGHD Anniversary event. Entries that violate copyright or the laws of the country in which they were taken are not acceptable.

By entering the contest, the Participant grants to IGHD a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use such photographs as outlined above. For any other use, IGHD will seek permission from the participants.


Do you have any questions? Contact ighd@qmu.ac.uk