30th Anniversary Photo Competition

These awarded photos present a small window into our work and life as an academic and research community.


Four students in graduation gowns with family and friends in the background
Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony

Submitted by: Fortunate Kambuktu

Professor Alastair Ager, Oonagh, and Georgina Pearson (IGHD Staff) celebrating a milestone with us on our special day.


Three Mayan Women
Three Mayan Women

Submitted by: Dr Paul Kadetz

From a research project in Antigua, Guatemala


A wooden and cloth church building in the Bibidi settlement of Uganda
Little Faith

Submitted by: Duke Fan Chiang

Be it ever so humble, we still have our little faith. It is about a church in the Bidibidi settlement, and also about IGHD - a photo taken in the Bidibidi settlement, Uganda.


An informal migrant school in Sabah Malaysia
Informal Migrant School, Sabah Malaysia, 2011

Submitted by: Alastair Ager

This is one of the series of photographs that depict some of the challenges faced by the displaced and war-affected communities, but also their resilience and engagement in addressing their circumstances.


A building in Guatemala with a no gun sign on the door
Guns in Guatemala

Submitted by: Dr Paul Kadetz

From a research project in Antigua, Guatemala.


A family and children in the Bo, Makeni, Wester Area and Kono districts of Sierra Leone
Working With Community Members

Submitted by: Abdulai Jawo Bah

This one comes from my IGHD PhD research project conducted in four districts in Sierra Leone: Bo, Makeni, Wester Area and Kono. The picture shows me and my research assistant working in one of the communities. Using a rapid ethnographic approach to understand how perinatal women experience and express psychological distress, their coping mechanisms and help-seeking behaviour, a screening tool was co-developed with and for the community.


A storefront with a black and white sign titled 'Brexo' and small subtitle that states 'Fags, Tins and Scratchcards'
Brexo Storefront

Submitted by: Helen Baillot

The image shows my colleagues Leyla Kerlaff and Arek Dakessian. We were in Birmingham in spring 2019, conducting social connections mapping workshops with third sector colleagues and reunited refugee families.

Late in the day we found this shop front and couldn’t resist capturing the moment. That morning we’d heard gruelling accounts of the difficulties of providing integration support to refugees in an era of austerity and legislative restrictions. The photo provided some light relief. We thought we’d found a true one-off shopping experience, and only later discovered this was not a real store but a piece by the ‘Birmingham Banksy’.


A woman in a yellow jumper smiling beside a white Llama
With Llama

Submitted by: Megha Saraogi

This is one of the photographs that signify the importance of my experience at QMU and Edinburgh. They are symbolic of my growth not only as a professional but as a human being as well. Pictures speak a thousand words and I hope these photos are able to convey my message of how I learnt to spread my wings and fly through the lustrous skies of Edinburgh.


* Copyright for all images presented here remains with the respective authors. However, each entrant agreed that IGHD and QMU can feature any or all of the submitted images in their publications associated with anniversary activities, social media, website or in any promotional material, which may include display materials. By entering the contest, the participants granted to IGHD a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use photographs as outlined above. For any other use, IGHD will seek permission from the participants.