Director, IGHD


Professor Daniel D. Reidpath (PhD) is the Director of the Institute for Global Health and Development Division at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. 

Professor Daniel D. Reidpath has over 20 years in global health working across a wide range of areas including maternal and child health, disease surveillance, disease related stigma and discrimination, equity, and health systems.

Before joining IGHD he was the Senior Director for Health System and Population Studies Division at icddr,b in Bangladesh, and prior to that he was the Professor of Population Health at Monash University Malaysia, and the Director of the South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO), a health and demographic surveillance system in rural Malaysia.

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

Health Systems Global

International Epidemiological Association

Professional Social Media:

Professor Daniel D. Reidpath - LinkedIn Profile

Professor Daniel D. Reidpath - Researchgate Profile

Active research interests:

Health equity
Social determinants of health
Health and demographic surveillance

Research Methods:

Health and demographic surveillance systems
Mixed effects modeling
Survey data analysis

Research Centre:

Director, Institute for Global Health and Development.

Daniel teaches on population health measurement, burden of disease, epidemiology, and evaluation.