Results4TB: Designing and evaluating provider results-based financing for tuberculosis care in Georgia: understanding costs, mechanisms of effect and impact.

(01 March 2017 - present)

Country: Georgia


Tuberculosis (TB) is still a leading cause of death worldwide, and Georgia is a country where the rates for this disease are high. Reasons for this include patients not seeking treatment or sticking to it. Additionally, staff don’t always detect TB quickly enough and their motivation is poor due to low salaries.

Results4TB is a collaborative project researching the impact of a pilot financial incentive scheme for health care providers working with TB patients in Georgia.

This 4-year project will help design this pilot results-based financing (RBF) scheme with Georgian policy-makers and programme managers, examine its impact and cost effectiveness and give further evidence to RBF and TB programming around the globe.

QMU's role in this project

Researchers from the Institute for Global Health and Development at QMU are supporting the design of the pilot RBF intervention and will assess the impact it has on TB detection and treatment rates.

Using these results, recommendations for fine-tuning and modification will be discussed with policy makers in order to develop a roll out of the intervention across all of Georgia.

For information on the full Results4TB project visit the Results4TB website

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