Accommodation A-Z


Please inform your fellow residents if you intend to be away from your flat overnight. If you plan to be absent for any length of time, you must inform the Accommodation Services staff. There is a signing out book held at the main reception and you are requested to fill this in if you are going to be away for any extended period.

Accommodation Queries

If you have any queries regarding your accommodation, please feel free to contact Accommodation Services either in person at the Accommodation Services Reception (in Block A of the Student Residences, by phone on 0131 474 0000 (ask for “accommodation”) or by email

Accommodation Lounge

The Accommodation Lounge on Block A is open daily from 8am – 11.30pm.

Accommodation Services

Accommodation Services are located at the Accommodation Reception (Block A) and are here to guide, support and manage your accommodation. Our responsibilities include: processing applications, allocating rooms, issuing contracts, welfare and discipline.

Office Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday                                                                                             

Accommodation Reception Hours: 9am - 8pm, Monday to Friday and 12pm - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday


It is policy that alcohol will not be consumed in the Hospitality Suite without permission.

Accommodation Allocations Procedure

Visit the Accommodation Allocations Procedure page for more information.

Bicycle Sheds

If you are bringing a bicycle to Queen Margaret University please remember bicycles should be kept in a designated bike shed and NOT within stairwells, flats or bedrooms. Please contact the Accommodation Reception for the access code to the bike shed. All bikes should be registered at receptionA.

Car Parking

Access to the car park is controlled by an access barrier and a permit is required. As part of the plan to encourage environmental sustainability, parking is very limited for students staying on campus. Permit charges and a strict qualification criteria apply. Please contact a member of the Accommodation Services team for further information. Find information about parking on campus.

Students in possession of a valid blue badge do not require a permit to use the car park but should provide a scan of their blue badge (photo side) to so that access through the car park barrier can be enabled on their student card. Please make sure to the blue badge is prominently displayed inside the windscreen so that all details are clearly visible from outside the vehicle.


The student residences are leased on a self-catered basis and each flat has a communal kitchen. Food is available from the café in the Main University Building and the Students’ Union which is open Monday to Friday.


Residents are responsible for cleaning their own bedroom and have shared responsibility for cleaning of the kitchen and flat hallway with their flatmates. Your bedroom will be inspected once each semester for damage and cleanliness. Your kitchen will be checked every two weeks.

We have designed a cleaning rota to help you – you will find this on the notice board in your flat kitchen, along with details of when the fortnightly cleaning check of communal areas will take place. This is to ensure that you are cleaning the flat to an acceptable standard. However, you should not only rely on the cleaning schedule. Kitchen and Bedroom work surfaces – Please do not put hot items on these surfaces as this is liable to cause damage to them and you will be charged for their renewal.


  • GRILL PANS must be kept clean and free of grease at all times as they pose a serious fire risk. You should line your grill pan with tin foil and change it regularly to assist with this. Many unwanted fire alarm activations are attributed to dirty grill pans.
  • TOASTERS please ensure you clean your toaster regularly by emptying the crumbs, as not cleaning will result in the stale bread inside them burning which is not only a health and safety issue but it will also cause the circuit breaker within the flat to activate and you will have no power to the sockets  
  • VACUUM CLEANERS - Ensure your vacuum cleaner is clean at all times if you find that the vacuum cleaner has stopped lifting, check that the pipes and hoses are free from blockages and that the bag inside is not full. New vacuum bags can obtained from the Accommodation Reception.
  • SHOWER CURTAINS AND MATTRESS PROTECTORS these should be washed regularly and can be put in the washing machine with your normal washing.

Change of Home Address

If your home address and/or emergency contact details change, you must inform the Accommodation Services by email immediately so that your file can be updated.

Complaints Procedure

QMU are keen to record, investigate and respond to legitimate complaints. A copy of our complaints procedure and complaints forms are available from the Accommodation Reception.


It is policy not to disclose any information about residents to outside parties with the exception of the police, Immigration or other legitimate authorities.


All rooms are subject to inspections during the contract period and a final inspection at the end of the contract period. The cost of remedying any damage reported to Queen Margaret University will be invoiced directly to you. A list of the indicative costs for the replacement of damaged/repairs items can be found on the Accommodation Services intranet page.

Disability Service

Queen Margaret University welcomes students with disabilities and we aim to provide you with all the help and support we can. If you have any special needs or requirements in terms of accommodation, please contact our Disability Advisors so that we can take these into account when allocating rooms.

Disciplinary Procedures

In order to ensure a safe and harmonious communal living environment, residents are expected as a matter of course to show courtesy and consideration to those with whom they are sharing facilities, to their neighbours, to University staff, appointed managers and to visitors.

All residents have a mandatory duty to comply with any safety instructions they are given from residence staff who work out of hours as representatives of the University. This includes security, ResLife Assistants, first aiders and emergency maintenance staff.

The Accommodation Contract requires the resident to comply with the Residence Code of Conduct. Action will be taken against the resident if the resident is responsible for anti-social, disruptive and dangerous behaviour. For more information visit the Terms and Conditions page which includes the full disciplinary procedure.


All residents should register with a local medical practice when they arrive. Registration forms will be available on arrival from Accommodation Services and Student Services. Please take time to register straight away and do not wait until you are ill.

The University works in partnership with Riverside Medical Practice in Musselburgh to provide healthcare for our students who live on campus. Further information is available from Accommodation Services, Student Services or Riverside Medical Practice .

NHS health care is free to all full-time students as long as you are registered with a doctor .

Drinking Water

All of the water in your accommodation is safe to drink. The cold water supplied to kitchens is mains water and is therefore suitable for drinking.


Queen Margaret University expressly forbids the possession, use, supply or production of illegal substances on University property. Please note that in accordance with your Terms and Conditions as a resident you are responsible for the action/behaviour of any guests invited onto our property.

Electrical Equipment

Please note candles, incense burners, chip pans/deep fat fryers, electric heaters, immersion heaters, fridges/freezers, any other white domestic appliances not supplied by QMU are not permitted in the Student Residences.

Should any of the above items be discovered in your room or communal areas of the flat, these will be confiscated until the end of your contract. All electrical items deemed to be permissible, that students bring into residencies should be fitted with a correctly rated fuse, a correctly wired plug and a cable in good order. QMU staff can reject the use of any piece of electrical equipment at their discretion.

Gas appliances are strictly forbidden.

End of Year Arrangements

Information regarding end-of-year arrangements will be circulated at least four weeks before your departure at the end of the session. Rights of occupancy cease at 10am on the last day of the lease. Please note that there are no storage facilities available.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarms are tested weekly on Thursdays between 12pm and 1pm. You will hear intermittent soundings of the alarm for approximately 10 seconds. You do not need to evacuate the building during alarm testing.

Fire Doors

Fire doors with automatic self-closers are fitted throughout the residences, they are for your protection in the event of a fire. Please do not prop these doors open and if the self-closer is not operating correctly please report this to reception. Keep shower room doors closed, as steam will activate the detectors.

Fire Equipment

Your flat has been equipped with a fire blanket in the kitchen and a CO2 extinguisher located in the hallway. Such equipment should only be used in a genuine emergency. Every block is fitted with a mixture of smoke and heat detection as appropriate, as well as ‘break glass’ alarm call points. In the event that detectors are activated, the system automatically contacts the Fire Brigade.

Any malicious interference with fire detection/fighting equipment is a criminal offence. Any persons responsible for malicious use of such equipment will be subject to formal disciplinary action .

Fire Prevention

QMU have built the residences with student safety measures being a priority. We therefore have very hi-tech fire safety mechanisms in place to warn of and prevent fire. Each student bedroom is equipped with a sensitive fire detector. Due to the sensitivity of these detectors they can be activated by the use of aerosols and steam from the en-suite showers. We therefore ask that all students ensure that they do not spray aerosols when standing directly under the fire detector and that en-suite doors are kept closed when showers are in use.

Any type of candle or incandescent burner is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, as they pose a serious fire hazard. Any candles found in the residences will be removed by staff. You are reminded that fire activations caused by the use of candles are treated extremely seriously.

Fire Procedure

Fire Safety information is provided in every room and on block noticeboards. Please familiarise yourselves with this procedure and with evacuation notices within the flats.

Fire Safety – Banned Items

Please note candles, incense burners, chip pans/deep fat fryers, electric heaters, immersion heaters, fridges/freezers, any other white domestic appliances not supplied by QMU are not permitted in the student residences.

Should any of the above items be discovered in your room or communal areas of the flat, these will be confiscated until the end of your contract.

All electrical items deemed to be permissible, that students bring into residencies should be fitted with a correctly rated fuse, a correctly wired plug and a cable in good order. QMU staff can reject the use of any piece of electrical equipment at their discretion.

First Aid

The Security team are trained in basic first-aid procedures and have access to first-aid boxes. In the event of an emergency they can be contacted by calling 0131 474 0000 or attending the Reception in the Main Academic Building.

General Enquiries

General enquiries can be made to the Accommodation Reception.

Office Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday                                                                                             

Accommodation Reception Hours: 9am - 8pm, Monday to Friday and 12pm - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

In an emergency QMU Security can be contacted on 0131 474 0000.


Overnight guests are not permitted during the first 2 weeks of the new academic year to allow all students the opportunity to settle into their accommodation comfortably.

Outwith the settling-in period, students are permitted to have one guest to stay overnight for a maximum stay of 3 nights in any 4 week period. However, all overnight guests must be registered with the Accommodation Reception. Please remember that you are responsible at all times for the conduct of all visitors brought onto the QMU campus or into the Halls of Residence

The University is committed to maintaining a safe and harmonious living environment on campus for all students, and therefore action will be taken against students in breach of the guest policy in accordance with the Halls of Residence Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.

Note that due to COVID-19, we may need to make changes to our guest policy in accordance with Government guidance. 

Health & Safety

Please report any accidents, incidents or any hazards which you come across to reception immediately, in person or by telephone or email. If you have been away from the student residences for any period of time, it is advisable to flush the toilet and run the shower and taps to flush through the system prior to use. Detailed health and safety information can be found here:

Heating and Hot Water

Hot water is available 24 hours a day. Heating operates between October and April, the heating times are 7am – 11am and 4pm – 11pm. Each building has its own unique thermometer linked to the heating system. Therefore, your radiator may only be luke warm on some occasions and perhaps hotter on others, it depends on the external weather conditions and the overall building temperature. If you have any problems with your heating, please contact reception.


Flat communal area inspections are carried out by Accommodation staff every month and bedroom inspections take place once each semester. Please check your block noticeboard for notifications. Flats that do not meet the required standard will be checked on a more frequent basis and disciplinary action may be taken against residents who consistently fail to comply with requests to improve hygiene or remedy a health and safety issue.

Inspections are conducted for health and safety considerations and to ensure that flats are being kept in reasonable order. You will be given advance notice of these inspections and will be told what is required; you are advised to attend if possible.

We reserve the right to carry out an inspection without prior notice for compliance with health and safety obligations. This includes keeping all fire doors shut and fire escape routes clear, and ensuring that hobs, ovens and grill pans are kept clean and free of grease at all times.

Illness, Accidents and Injury

Any student who is taken ill or any student aware of such an individual must ensure that Accommodation Services or Security are informed immediately so they can assist if needed.

Any student contracting a communicable disease is requested to advise Accommodation Services of their condition so that the well-being of other residents can be addressed, drawing on medical advice, as appropriate. Please note that the Security staff are fully trained first-aiders and will provide first aid as necessary to any student or visitor. In the event of an emergency on campus contact Security on 0131 474 0000 or dial the Emergency Services direct on 999 from any telephone.


Queen Margaret University accepts no responsibility for your personal belongings.

By partnering with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider, we’ve arranged free contents insurance for all our students staying with us.

It is important all students confirm their cover to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered. Plus you’ll also be entered into a prize draw, courtesy of Endsleigh!

Visit confirm your cover to see:

  • What is and what isn’t covered
  • Key exclusions - where cover isn’t provided
  • Policy excess – the amount you pay when you make a claim
  • How to make a claim
  • Personalise cover

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Internet Access

The campus has free wireless access throughout, including rooms and the accommodation lounge. This can be accessed by all matriculated QMU students.


You will be provided with a room and a communal area inventory on arrival. Please make sure you check every item on the list and return both inventories to the Accommodation Reception within 24 hours of arrival.

These inventories record the presence and condition of furnishings in your room/communal area and the general condition of the room/communal area at the time you accept occupancy. Any deterioration of the condition of the room/communal area or its furnishings will be charged to you so it is very important that you complete and return your inventories. You should pay special attention to the mattress, mattress protector, paintwork, carpet and the mirror. This will help in ensuring you do not receive unnecessary charges.


On arrival, you will be provided with your room/flat key and a temporary smartcard for your block’s main door. In addition you will receive a key for your allocated mailbox. Once you have received your matriculation card you should take it to the Security desk along with the temporary smartcard you were issue and access to your block will be transferred to your matriculation card.

There is a charge for the replacement of cards or keys. The loss should be reported immediately to Reception so a replacement set can be ordered. Replacement keys can only be collected during office hours. Please note that if keys are lost or stolen and you request your locks to be changed this will incur the additional cost of lock changing. Please take care of your keys.


It is in everyone’s interest to maintain the kitchen in a hygienic and safe condition. Apart from the health hazard to co-residents, a messy or dirty kitchen represents a potential fire risk. You are recommended to draw up a cleaning rota.

Laundry Facilities

A self-service laundry is located next to the Accommodation Reception and is open daily from 8am – 11.30pm. The charge for the use of washing machines is £2.40 - £2.90 per cycle and £1.20 for a tumble dry cycle. You are advised to supervise all aspects of your own laundry to ensure that nothing goes missing. The laundry is only available until 11.30pm at night for use.

Leaving Procedures

Departure instruction will be provided in advance of your departure date. It is important that you read and following the guidance that you are provided with. You are expected to clean your room and communal areas and leave the property clear of personal belongings and rubbish. You will be charged for any additional cleaning that is required and for any damage that has occurred during your occupancy.

Light Bulbs

The maintenance team via Reception replaces overhead light bulbs in bedrooms, desk lamps bulbs can be obtained from our office in the Hospitality suite.


There is a lift in each accommodation block; these lifts must not be used in the event of a fire alarm. Please report any defects to the Accommodation Reception.


Mail is delivered directly to the Accommodation Reception by the Royal Mail, including parcels, recorded deliveries, etc. Ensure that you issue friends, relatives, your bank, etc. with your full, correct postal address at the residences. This mail is distributed into flat mailboxes located within the hospitality suite, if you receive any large parcels these will be kept at the Accommodation reception.


QMU are responsible for all maintenance; you can request repairs or maintenance via the online form on the Accommodation Intranet page or at the Accommodation Reception by completing a repair request form.

Emergencies during out of office hours should be reported immediately to Security by calling 0131 474 0000 or by attending the Reception in the Main Academic Building.



Quiet time operates between 11pm and 8am. During these times please report an disturbances to Security by calling 0131 474 0000. Please be considerate towards other residents who may be trying to work or sleep. In the evening and at night do not congregate by the block entrances or on staircases and in corridors. At all times, keep televisions, radios, stereos, etc at a low volume and shut doors quietly. If returning to the residences during the evenings please consider residents who are asleep. If you experience problems with noise and are not able to resolve the situation yourself please contact Security.

Notice Boards

There are notice boards in kitchens and bedrooms for residents use. Residents should note that the use of blue/white tac, drawing pins, adhesive tape, nails, picture hooks etc. on the walls and furniture is strictly prohibited. Any damage to the walls and furniture that is attributable to a resident will be recharged to them.

Banners/flags/football slogans etc. hanging from and within the property are not permitted and you will be asked to remove them.

There is an official notice board on the ground level of every block for display of relevant information –it should be checked regularly.

Out of Hours Emergency Assistance

For emergency assistance out of normal office hours please contact Security by calling 0131 474 0000 or attending the Reception in the Main Academic Building.


In the interests of fellow residents no parties are to be held in the residences.

Payments - Visit the payment options page

One Payment in Full: by credit/debit card payment by telephone, cheque, cash or bank transfer on or before arrival.

Direct Debit: A direct debit is a regular automated payment from a UK bank account direct to the University’s bank account in payment of your fees. The direct debit instalment plan consists of 8 equal monthly payments from October – May.
To pay by direct debit please print off and complete the direct debit form then post it to the Finance Office or bring it with you when you arrive. Your completed direct debit form should be returned to the Finance Office at least 15 working days before the first instalment date. Payment plan dates are detailed on the direct debit form and you should select either plan A or B. If you are an EU/international student and intend to open a UK bank account you can arrange this after arrival.

2 Equal Instalments: first payment on or prior to arrival and the second payment in the first week of January.

Recurring Card Payment (RCP): 8 monthly instalments by credit/debit card from October to May. To set up a RCP using your debit/credit card you should login to the QMU Student Portal where you will see your invoice and the option to pay in instalments. Please ensure the invoiced amount excludes any payments you have already made (e.g. Prepayment of £250). If the invoice is not visible or your payments have not already been deducted, please contact the Finance Office before setting up the RCP.

Accommodation Fees can be paid using the following methods:

  • Credit/Debit card: call 0131 474 0000 and ask for Finance
  • Cash: in person at the Accommodation Services Reception or Finance Office
  • Bank Transfer: Bank details
  • Cheque: made payable to Queen Margaret University and send to:

Finance Office Queen Margaret University Musselburgh East Lothian EH21 6UU

Personal Safety

Good safety practices are important in the student residences. Room and flat doors are self-closing and should never be propped open. Bedroom doors and ground floor windows should always be closed when the room is unoccupied. Avoid leaving cash or other valuables in open view and ensure you look your bedroom door whenever you are not in. The University accepts no responsibility for any loss of personal property.

Residents are requested to report all incidents involving security matters to Reception or Security immediately.


No pets are permitted within the residences (except assistance dogs).

Police Stations

The local Police Station is Musselburgh Police Station, 174 High Street, EH21 7DZ Tel: 101

Postal Service

All mail is delivered by Royal Mail and courier companies, including parcels, recorded deliveries etc. The mail is distributed into flat mailboxes located within the Accommodation Reception. You must ensure that any mail coming to you has the correct block/level/flat/room number to ensure mail reaches you. Packages that are too big for mail boxes can be collected from the Accommodation reception. Notification will be posted to your mailbox to inform you you have a parcel awaiting collection.

Please use the following address format when ordering/receiving parcels: Your Full Name Block: X Flat: X-X Room: X(Example: Block A Flat 0-1 Room A) Queen Margaret University Student Residences Musselburgh East Lothian EH21 6UD (The postcode is specific to the residences so 6UU should not be used)

Posters and Pictures

Banners/flags/football slogans etc hanging from and within the property is not permitted and you will be asked to remove them. There are notice boards in kitchens and bedrooms for residents use. Residents should note that the use of “blue/white tac”, drawing pins, adhesive tape, nails, picture hooks etc on the walls and furniture is strictly prohibited. Any damage to the walls and furniture that is attributable to a resident will be charged to them.


The £250 prepayment secures your accommodation and will be deducted from the total rent due for the full occupancy period. This prepayment is not a refundable security deposit. You will be charged and invoiced separately for any damages occurring throughout your stay.

Reception/Office Hours

Accommodation Services are located at the Accommodation Reception (Block A) 

Office Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday                                                                                             

Accommodation Reception Hours: 9am - 8pm, Monday to Friday and 12pm - 4pm, Saturday and Sunday

Security staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Your kitchen has been provided with a recycling box. The recycling bin store is located in Bin Store 3 (Between Block H and J) and you should use these facilities regularly to minimise the impact on landfill sites.


In an emergency, please contact a member of staff immediately at the Accommodation Reception during office hours or Security the Main Building out of hours.

For any non-emergency repairs please complete our Repair Request Form. If you are not able to complete the online repair request form you can complete a paper copy at the Accommodation reception.

The need for repairs usually results from normal wear and tear, but any damage resulting from carelessness or maliciousness will be charged to those responsible (or to all residents if those responsible are not known). Please note that we rely on you telling us when something doesn't work - if we don't know it is broken we can't fix it.

Please only fill in the form for repairs online that do not require an emergency call out. If there is an emergency you can contact Security in the main building who will ensure any emergency is dealt with immediately. There will be occasions when QMU staff and contractors will require access to your flat and/or your room. Please ask for ID before allowing anyone to enter the premises. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any planned access required.


Should you require a letter of reference at the end of your tenancy in student residences, please complete our Landlord Reference Request form.

Please allow 2 working days for you request to be processed.

Room Moves

Any student wishing to move rooms/flat must complete a room move request form – available from Accommodation Services. A charge of £30 will be made for each flat/room move to cover cleaning and administration costs.


All household waste should be disposed of in the bin areas provided. At no time should bags of rubbish be obstructing corridors or exits. All rubbish/refuse should be deposited in the external bin areas on a regular basis.

  • Broken glass should be wrapped well and clearly labelled, or disposed of in the designated recycling bins.
  • Condoms should be wrapped in several sheets of tissue paper and placed in the bin. Please do not flush condoms down the toilet, as they cause problems with the plumbing.
  • Needles and syringes (e.g. for the treatment of diabetes) should be placed in safety disposal bins.
  • Razor blades should be returned to safety packaging wherever possible before being placed in the bin. If this cannot be done, please wrap them in several layers of tissue or other paper prior to disposing.
  • Sanitary towels and wet wipes: Please do not flush these items down the toilet, as they will cause problems with the plumbing, costs of which will be recharged to the occupier
  • Scalpel blades used for graphic design or craftwork should either be placed in an empty can (e.g. drinks can) and placed in the bin, or placed in a designated sharps box.


The Security team is on duty 24/7 for the personal safety of students, staff, visitors and protection of property. The Security team also act as a source of information and advice, particularly out of hours.
The Security team are based at the Reception in the University’s Main Academic Building. You can call them on 0131 474 0000. The Security team are available 24 hours, 365 days a year and patrol the campus regularly.


Queen Margaret University operates a strict non-smoking policy within all areas of the residences. External ash bins are located adjacent to block entrances – please use these areas and keep noise to a minimum.

Smoke Detectors

These are located within your bedroom and hallways for your protection. Heat detectors are located in kitchens. Please ensure the kitchen door is closed at all times to prevent unwanted fire activations from the smoke detector in the hallway.


The Accommodation Services team is on hand to give you advice and support you throughout your time staying on campus, making sure you are happy and settled in your new home. We are able to solve many areas of concern that you may have about your accommodation and we will point you in the direction of other services that may be of help. We can provide mediation between flatmates, room moves and resolution of any complaints that are brought to their attention.

ResLife Assistants are on duty at the Accommodation Reception on weekday evenings from 4pm - 8pm and over the weekend from 12pm - 4pm. They are here to help you and can provide advice on a number of issues and signpost to other services.

Senior Residents are returning students living in the residences who are a hub of information and are there to provide peer support and guidance to residential students throughout the academic year. They visit flats fortnightly to check in with students, offer advice and signpost to services.

The University’s Student Services is a professional support department working to ensure students have the information, advice, guidance and opportunities necessary to support their successful experience and achievement whilst studying at QMU. They can advise on areas of careers and student employment, disability advice, counselling, student funding advice, transition and pre-entry guidance and student health care support. More information can be found at Student Services.

Tenancy Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Television Licence

Every student using a TV receiver at University, to watch or record television programmes as they are being shown on TV (including a PC or laptop) needs to be covered by a valid TV licence. Individual residents are responsible for their own TV licence.


Please ensure your windows are secured within the safety catch. The safety catch is an essential component of the window and is there for your safety. It ensures the window does not become damaged during strong winds. If a window requires to be secured and subsequently repaired following the mis-use or being opened beyond the safety catch will result in occupier recharges.

Withdrawing from Student Residences

If you are considering leaving the student residences because of problems you are experiencing on campus, within your flat or because of another resident, we strongly suggest you come and speak to a member of Accommodation Services. The Accommodation team are here to help and provide you with solutions to any Accommodation related problems you may be facing.

All residents are bound by the terms and conditions of their accommodation contract; if you withdraw from student residences you will still be liable to pay the total accommodation fees for the full duration of your lease. This is the case regardless of your reason for withdrawal. However, if you are able to find a suitable replacement student to take over your tenancy they can also take over payment of rent from the day they move in. You would be liable for rent payment up until that date. If you intend to defer your studies and return to QMU in the following academic year you would still be liable to pay rent for the duration of your current tenancy agreement. Please get in touch with Accommodation Services for further advice if you are considering leaving student residences.

Accommodation Enquiries

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9am – 5pm

Friday 9am – 4:30pm

Show Contacts

Accommodation Enquiries

Accommodation Services 0131 474 0000