Accommodation Repairs

If something in your accommodation breaks or needs repairing just let us know. For non-emergency repairs you can complete the form below and our team of maintenance staff will aim to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Please do not use this form to report an emergency repair. If you need an emergency repair then you should speak to the team at the Accommodation Reception during office hours (9am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 9am-4:30pm Fri) or contact Security out of hours by calling 0131 474 0000 or visit them at the Main Building Reception.

Emergency repairs include the re-instatement of a utility or vital service or a temporary repair prior to a full repair being carried out - e.g. serious water or roof leaks, faulty door locks, failure of heating and water systems.

Please note that, on occasion, a part may need to be ordered which will delay your repair.

On completion of your repair a calling card will be left to let you know that the repair has taken place. The majority of the repairs reported historically have the target of 7 or 21 days and we usually attend to them well before the target date. We have a site caretaker who deals with 85-90% of the repairs reported. If the caretaker cannot deal with the issue then we have contractors that will attend to it.

What if my repair is not fixed when I expected?

If we get it wrong, then come and talk to us and we will try to sort out the issue. We are here to help!

Accommodation Repairs - Key Performance Indicators

Priority Resolution SLA % Completed on time - February 2023
Target Actual
A 4 Hours 95% 100%
B 24 Hours 95% 97%
C 7 Days 95% 100%
D 21 Days 95% 100%


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