Guidance Notes for Programme Teams involved in validation and review are available electronically or as a hard copy with appendices from Virag Hamori, Division of Governance and Quality Enhancement.


  • Review Document
  • Validation Document Templates for the review and validation document are provided for guidance only. Teams may wish to vary the headings and order of content to suit the needs of their own programmes.


Panel checklists

Internal reference points

External reference points

Additional information

QMU's procedures for validation and review are set out in full in the Quality Assurance Handbook - Programme Development, Monitoring and Review Procedures for setting up a new collaborative programme are broadly the same as for other programmes but see the Academic Collaborations section for details. Contact Sheila Adamson, Partnership Development Manager, for advice.

It is essential to seek guidance from Library staff when preparing for validation or review. Programme Teams are urged to contact the Library as early as possible in the planning process.

The Centre for Academic Practice can provide advice on drafting module descriptors. If you would like this assistance, please contact them early in the planning process.

Professional Services Review

QMU undertakes periodic reviews of each its professional services. The format of these can be thematic, spanning a number of services. Alternatively, a review can focus on one or more discrete service(s). The process for review of individual and/or related services mirrors the academic review process. It is therefore a three stage process as follows: 1) submission of a Reflective Document; 2) a series of meetings with a Panel comprising academic and other support staff as well as student representation; and 3) follow up action in response to recommendations. The following publications provide further information and guidance:

For advice on all aspects of validation and review at QMU, including Service Area Review, please contact Dawn Martin Assistant Secretary, Governance and Quality Enhancement

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