Name: Jordan Shore

Course: Master of Physiotherapy (MPhys)

Year of Study: Year 2

Hometown & Country: County Durham, United Kingdom

Sports/Societies: Adventure Society

What has been the highlight of your time at QMU so far?

The highlight of my time at QMU is the friendships I've made; it has been great to meet new people from different areas of the world. It is comforting to have a solid group of friends who support you especially when you are away from home for the first time. I have also really enjoyed the experience of living so close to Edinburgh and getting to explore the city.

What is one thing you wish you knew before coming to university at QMU?

I wish I had known how small the campus was, as I find this really comforting. There is a great sense of community here and the campus is not overwhelming to newcomers. The class sizes are much smaller because of this, and it is much easier to interact with classmates and receive support from the lecturers. QMU have great services available to students like the Effective Learning Service (ELS) and Studiosity if you ever find yourself struggling with academic life which can often be reassuring.

What is your favourite thing about being an ambassador for QMU?

My favourite part about being an ambassador is showing students what university life is like and reassuring them of their worries or concerns about uni. I often think the experience of choosing where to study can be somewhat overwhelming, so offering advice and reassurance can put prospective students at ease.

"There is a great sense of community here and the campus is not overwhelming to newcomers."
Jordan Shore