Studiosity - Guidelines for Students

QMU has partnered with Studiosity, an external online service accessed via Canvas, to provide 24/7 constructive feedback on key elements of academic writing to all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

If you are a QMU Online student, please login via: 

Studiosity will review your draft work and give you quick feedback about how to improve your academic writing style.

Studiosity is...

  • Available 24/7 throughout the academic year and the assessment resit period.
  • Able to offer general writing feedback on any stage of your draft (minimum 500 words, maximum 5500), on matters such as grammar, punctuation, language and structure.
  • Available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students up to ten times during an academic year.
  • A starting point for feedback on your writing at Queen Margaret University.

Studiosity is not...

  • An assessment of the quality of your response to the assignment specification and how this meets the assessment criteria.
  • Able to give an indication of the mark or grade you will receive when assessed by your QMU academic staff. 
  • A replacement for using the University-based support provided by academic staff, the Effective Learning Service and the Library.
  • A marking or proofreading service.
  • Able to correct every error in your work, or able to identify every area requiring development. Subject-specific. An academic writing specialist, not someone with knowledge of your course or topic, will review your work.
  • Able to provide feedback on course-specific referencing, only general referencing advice. Advice on referencing is available from the Library.
  • Able to check your work for instances of plagiarism. (Visit the Effective Learning Service guidance to understand what plagiarism is, how to use the similarity checker tool, and how to submit your assignment to Turnitin.
  • Staffed by Queen Margaret University staff.


How to Use the Studiosity Writing Support Service

A document providing an introduction and overview of the service is available here: Studiosity Overview

To submit your draft written work to Studiosity for feedback, login to Canvas and click on your Account in the left bar and from the menu that appears click on the link to Studiosity link listed in the menu.  You’ll be taken to an external website where you can follow the instructions to submit your work. You’ll receive an email notification when your submission has been reviewed and your feedback is ready for you to read.  

Watch this short video for a walk through on using the Writing Feedback service.

In Writing Feedback the following file types are supported: doc, docx, odt, txt or rtf. File size under 4 MB permitted. You can find more information about it on their FAQ page. 

To Connect Live to a Studiosity specialist for help with an assignment, login to Canvas and click on the link to Studiosity and you’ll be taken to an external website where you can connect to a Studiosity specialist and they'll help you work through it via live chat.

What this short video for a walk through on using the Writing Feedback service.

Connect Live supports almost all file types including ppt, jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, etc. Maximum file size is 3 MB.

Every student can use the Studiosity Service up to a total of 10 times this academic year.


Additional Support on using the Service.

For any non-technical queries about Studiosity’s academic writing support, please contact our Effective Learning Service: 

If you have technical problems accessing the service, please contact the Helpdesk.

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