For full details, please see our guide to Global Navigation and Notification Settings.

For every Hub module you will receive email notifications to your QMU email account when:

  • An assignment has been made available
  • An announcement has been posted or edited

You can customise your notifications settings for individual modules, or all modules, by going to the Global Navigation menu at the top-right of your Hub screen, selecting Settings from the foot of this menu and then Edit Notification Settings.

Bulk Edit Notifications Settings allows you to edit notifications for all or multiple module areas. The column for Dashboard is set to show notifications to you through the Student Notifications area in each module – these settings do not need to be adjusted as these will provide useful information for you. To change the Mobile or Email notification settings, select/unselect the box in the Email column to remove or add notifications as required.

All changes can be verified by looking at that specific module under the heading Edit Individual Course Settings.

You may also wish to have any notifications sent to you in a digest form once a day at around 3pm. To do this, choose the Edit General Setting option and select Daily Email Digest in section 1, General Settings: Courses.

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