Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan is designed to enable us to fulfil our potential as a university of ideas and influence. The strategy covers the period of time leading up to 2025, the 150th anniversary of our foundation.

It holds true to the principles and values on which this institution was founded. This is reflected in a focus on supporting students, serving the community, creating meaningful partnerships, promoting impactful knowledge exchange and enshrining social justice.

Inspired by our strong record of achieving ambitious goals throughout our history, from addressing 19th century social problems to creating the first new Scottish university campus of the 21st century, our the Strategic Plan sets out how we will reach beyond our current horizons. Underpinning this is a new emphasis on institutional confidence.

It builds on our existing track record in research. Research is, of course, an essential element of our mission to foster intellectual capital with both a theoretical and practical focus.

It sets out how we will develop our existing academic flagships and also develop new flagships. By aligning our activities through this focused approach, we believe that we can excel in research, teaching, knowledge exchange, outreach, internationalism and entrepreneurship without any of these elements being sacrificed to allow a focus on others.

It sets out how we enthusiastically embrace the concept of a broad community, aiming to be a 'University without borders'. We will cultivate a real sense of ‘belonging’ amongst all those who form part of the QMU community, in Scotland and across the world. Indeed, as well as being a 'community without borders', we will be a 'community without barriers'. We will build on our existing success in widening participation to ensure that we fulfil people’s potential, whatever their background.

It includes a heightened emphasis on entrepreneurialism that will help ensure that we exploit our research to maximise its benefit to society. We will prepare our students to perform to the best of their abilities in the world of work. More broadly, we will maximise our contribution to the prosperity of Scotland, the UK and the world.

A student-centred approach is integral to our QM150 Strategy and we will continue to nurture our culture of providing personalised support.