Module Availability

All QMU-based taught modules will have an associated online area within the Hub, accessible through the Home page, which you will see once you have logged in. You will also find areas for:

  • Learning Services
  • Careers
  • Student Services

You may also have access to a programme area, placement area, or other area in the Hub. Depending on your programme some of these non-teaching module areas may be visible and available from early September.

For students in collaborative partner institutions of QMU, your modules will be available from the start date of your programme.

If you believe that there are module areas missing from your 'My Courses', please contact the Academic Administration: Academic Administration

Layout of Module areas

All Hub modules are based around a standard template customised by your tutor, a module menu typically includes links to:

  • Assessments
  • Learning Resource Area
  • Plagiarism and Referencing
  • Hub student help

All your module content and activities will be added by your tutor. You may also find other menu items linking to specific module material or activities.

The homepage of each module may be changed by the tutor.

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