Hub provides a set of educational tools to facilitate learning, communication, collaboration and assessment. It is commonly called a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). These tools include online discussions, chat, announcements quizzes, an assignment drop box, and integration with QMU email.

Information for Tutors
Information and resources for tutors are available below.

Staff can also work through the online course, Hub Training for Staff, found in 'My Courses'.

Bookings for online training sessions can be be via the online booking system

Accessing the Hub

Hub is accessible from the staff intranet or direct at 

Watch a short video on Accessing the Hub

Browser compatibility

Hub uses modern web standards and as such is not supported by older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 or 7. We recommend that you use Chrome. Review your current browser settings using the Blackboard Browser Checker 

Password Problems

If you have a problem with your password you can reset it using the self-service password reset service

Creating your module

Modules information, Module Coordinator enrolment and student enrolments are imported daily from the School Office & Registry database SITS.

If you are unable to access your module and you are the Module Coordinator, please contact the

Organising your module list

There are some settings that you can change to suit your preferences and make navigating and using the hub easier.

The 'My Course' area on the hub page will display and give access to all the modules you are enrolled in. As you continue each year this list will grow with current modules and modules from previous years. You have the option to order the list and completely hide modules that you do not want to see.

 How to organise your module list

  • Hover over 'My Courses' module and click on the cog icon in the top right hand corner to access 'Manage My Courses Module Settings'. 

Manage My Course Settings cog icon

  • From this page, you can choose to group modules by term, hide modules, by un-selecting them, and choose which information you would like summarised in your module list.

Hide modules by un-selecting them

You can watch a short video showing How to organise your module List

Adding content to a module

Below are some self-help resources to help get you started with the hub.

Tutor guide- Module 1- Building a hub course. This guide looks at building a module menu and adding folders and content to modules.

A tutor guide to accessing module evaluations in the Hub

A tutor guide to using generic reporting tools in the Hub

A tutor guide to delivering documents to your students

A guide to Image handling and file sizes

General guide to the Date Management Tool

Adding users to a module

All student enrolments should come from SITS and should not be added manually

Adding an instructor to your module

If you are an instructor on a module you have the ability to add additional people and give them appropriate permissions. You will be taken to a page which shows all users who are enrolled on your course and search and filter this list to see if the user you wish to add is already enrolled.

How to add an instructor onto your module

  • In the course management options, under "Users and Groups", click on the Users link
  • To enrol a user into the course you need to click on the "Enrol User" button in the action bar and select  "Find Users to Enrol" from the drop down menu

Click on enrol user and select Find Users to enrol

  • If you know the person’s username you can type this directly into the username box
  • You can enter multiple usernames as a comma separated list in the username area
  • Alternatively you can search for a user by clicking on the "Browse" button
  • Use the search window that opens to search for users by first name, last name, or email address
  • Select each user that you wish to enrol onto the course
  • Once you have identified all users who you wish to add to the course you need to give them a role and select if you want the course to be available to them now

add username, select role and make available

  • Click Submit to add your selected users to the course

Student Inductions

A guide for tutors when introducing students to the Hub

Information for Students
Student user guides, password reset and contact information about the Hub is available for students here.

Types of Submissions

Individual submissions such as essays, reports and presentations will only require a digital submission to a Turnitin dropbox within the Hub module area, feedback and provisional marks are provided through Turnitin.

Using Turnitin

Group submissions where students are co-submitting a single piece of work will be required to submit to a Blackboard dropbox specifically configured for group submissions.

Getting Started with Assignments 

Student portfolios can be submitted and marked within ePortfolio system Pebble Pad

Help with ePortfolio

Peer Assessments are facilitated through WebPA where peers can assess each members of the group’s contribution to their work and then each student receives an adjusted mark. 

Student guide to online web peer assessment

Digital Examinations

At Queen Margaret University, we are using the Hub to host both formative and summative Examinations. 

How to get started

See our guide to running an online summative assessment: this takes tutors through issues that they need to consider when running an online examination.

Guide to Online Assessment

Have you registered your exam?

See our checklist which will help you check the settings of the exam and help us allocate appropriate technical support for the start of the exam.

Digital Examination registration and checklist

Help is at hand

We are always happy to help provide guidance for tutors when developing Digital Examination in the Hub.

Contact us at:

Further support and staff workshops

Tutor workshops
Online training sessions focusing on specific aspects of using the Hub to support learning and teaching will be provided during the summer months. Sessions will be advertised through Moderator emails.

Bookings can be made via the online booking system

Topics Covered:

  • Adding Users to your module
  • Adding clear navigation to your module
  • Using folders to structure content in your module
  • Understanding the content editor features
  • Item Visibility
  • Student Preview
  • Announcements

Departmental Training

If there is an area of Hub or other educational technologies that your department would like some training on, please get in touch with Assist ( to start a conversation about the type of training you would like to organise.

If you have any technical issues regarding Hub, please contact


Ally integrates with Hub and checks uploaded resources against international accessibility standards. It gauges and gives feedback on the accessibility of the content tutors upload to Hub. The video below provides a brief overview for tutors.


Ally is currently disabled in Hub areas by default. Tutors can enable Ally in their Hub areas by going to:
Course Management-> Tool availability,  then select the checkbox beside Ally.

The video below provides a guide through the process:



Tutors who are thinking about using ALLY may wish to discuss this tool further with our Web Development Team via

More help is available on the Blackboard Ally Help for Instructors homepage.