How to provide references

How to provide references for an application

The Admissions Team at QMU is unable to contact your referees on your behalf. Please contact referees and request a reference in a suitable format.

References should be provided on headed paper, signed and dated or sent directly to Admissions ( from the referee's own professional e-mail address.

If you are providing a reference from a professional address, this must be an academic or company e-mail address. We cannot accept references from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or similar e-mail accounts.

References should be no more than two years old and references not in English language should also be provided with a certified translation.

If you have completed study in the last three years, we ask for you to provide an academic reference. Alternatively, we will accept a professional reference.

The reference can include any information, but as an example could cover:
- how long and in what capacity the referee has known the applicant
- suitability for the course
- previous and potential academic or professional performance
- ability to communicate, character and personality

Please upload your references to the application form if your referee has given you a copy (this can be attached as an e-mail).

Most of our course require one reference only, but the application form will state if you need to provide two.

Under certain circumstances, we may have to ask to ask for an additional reference.