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At Queen Margaret University, we wish to increase the opportunities for our students to have an international experience as part of their degree. As part of our commitment to exchanges, we have been awarded an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) which permits us to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme from 2014 to 2021. Below is our Erasmus Policy Statement.

Internationalisation is a key priority for Queen Margaret University, and we aim to be a ‘University without borders’. We intend to support the internationalisation of students and staff through mobility activities including short-term mobility, exchange semesters, elective placements, staff mobility, and research.

Selection and Geographical Location of Partners

Queen Margaret University wishes to maintain and expand its European and international profile. Our current mobility opportunities in Europe are in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Our international partners are based in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and USA.

Our partners are firstly selected based on compatibility of curriculum, and language of instruction. We also consider the facilities and support services available to our students and the demand for geographical location.

Staff are supported in seeking and creating new mobility partnerships as a means to increase the internationalisation of the University. It is our belief that staff who are invested in overseas opportunities make the best ambassadors to encourage students to consider the opportunities available.

Target Groups for Mobility Activities

At Queen Margaret University, we want our students to have an excellent student experience. Students will have access to the highest quality of learning. All students will have equal opportunities to succeed and become graduates with a strong sense of ethical and social responsibility who can contribute to and influence the wider community.

Our primary focus is on mobility opportunities for Undergraduate students, but there are also opportunities available for students at taught Postgraduate level. Most of our European mobility agreements include staff teaching, and where possible, we also ask our European partners to include mobility opportunities for staff training.  

We are committed to being a ‘community without barriers’. We aim to build on our existing success in widening participation to ensure that we fulfil people’s potential, whatever their background. We will strongly encourage students from a widening participation background to consider overseas opportunities as part of their studies at Queen Margaret University, and highlight funding opportunities that could help make these opportunities a reality.

We aim for staff to be motivated, confident, engaged and inspiring. Through supportive leadership, staff will be encouraged to think creatively. We will attract and retain good staff by valuing them through transparent promotion opportunities, appropriate staff development, inclusivity and equality, and through instilling in our staff a strong sense of social responsibility.

Mobility activities are recognized, either via credits on a student’s transcript or acknowledged as part of a student or staff member’s training and development.


Overseas mobility is an important opportunity for students and staff, and it is a valued tool for assisting staff and students with their personal and professional development. Employability is particularly important to the University when considering the development of students, and so it is our aim to encourage as many students as possible to engage with overseas activities as part of their degree.

Queen Margaret University intends to continue participating in mobility activities as a way of internationalizing the institution, promoting the benefits of such an opportunity.

We have a number of exchange agreements with universities in Europe, Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Exchanges and Study Abroad

If you have any questions about an exchange or the option to study abroad at one of our partner institutions, please get in touch.

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Exchanges and Study Abroad

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