SFF Learn – Information for QMU students

Do you have a business, enterprise or innovation idea – even if it is at an early stage?

Would you like to: -

  • Develop your idea as part of a leading European programme for entrepreneurship and innovation?
  • Gain intercultural and entrepreneurial skills and certification and letter of recommendation?
  • Grow your professional network?
  • Work in an international setting with similar project teams across Europe and beyond?
  • Have a chance to win financial and other prizes?
  • Have advice and financial support to continue with your project after the initial courses in one of the European incubator spaces?


If so, then consider taking part in an exciting short course with students and experts from across Europe: SFF LEARN

LEARN starts in October 2023 with an application deadline of 18th October - please note that the application form states that you have to be a team of two or more but they have agreed to allow individuals to sign up so ignore that bit!

You can apply to take part until 18th October using the following link:

LEARN Cycle 5-Student-Applications (Oct-Dec 2023)


This is what you will be signing up to with SFF LEARN: -

  1. A 7.5-hour international short-course developed for students at Bachelor's and Master's level.
  2. Receive support to develop your ideas for innovative products and services.
  3. Learn alongside others from our 30 collaborating partners across Europe
  4. Hear from experts in different priority areas for innovation in Europe - Health, Food, Sustainable Manufacturing, Circular Economy and Urban Mobility.
  5. Pitch your final presentations for a chance to win prizes.
  6. Find out more about the other programmes available from SFF later this year (but it’s perfectly ok to only complete the LEARN programme).


Key dates

Dates for LEARN in Semester 1 run on Mondays. Two time slots are offered each week to support attendance around class, with the exception of the final presentations.

23.10.2023: Kick-off event - 11am-12:30pm or 3pm-5:30pm

30.10.2023: Project Team and Peer Review - 11am-12:30pm or 3pm-5:30pm

13.11.2023: Sparring with Industry Experts – 11am – 12pm or 3pm - 4pm

27.11.2023: Business Model Review - 11am – 12pm or 3pm - 4pm

11.12.2023: Final Presentations – 2:30pm to 4:30pm


Please contact us by email if you want to discuss your ideas and see if LEARN might suit you – SFF@qmu.ac.uk