Dr Robert Munro

Dr Robert Munro, from the Division of Media, Communication and Performing Arts, has been awarded innovation funding for a collaborative pilot project which aims to investigate how level 2 student teachers at QMU respond to being introduced to the ways in which film can be used in the classroom.

Working with colleagues in the Division of Psychology, Sociology and Education, the project is focused on those who undertake the module, 'Creativity and Culture in the 21st Century'. Within this module students have two weeks dedicated to film, taught by Robert Munro, and involving workshops from industry partners in Film and Screen Scotland, where they will be introduced to basic film analysis skills, as well as some of the ways that teachers and young people can make their own films in school settings. Underwriting this will be a focus on films appropriate for use with young children in schools and other educational settings.

The project will then follow the student teachers who opt to take part in the project, as they undertake two placements. In the first, they’ll be asked to reflect on the current use of film and in the second, they’ll have the opportunity to plan and design a lesson/lessons around film. At the end of the placements, a sample of students will be invited to form focus groups to discuss their experiences of using film in the classroom and to feedback on how or if they might continue to develop these skills in the future.