Dr Arek Dakessian Dr Karin Diaconu and Dr Alison Strang

Web-based applications to support health care delivery and secure wellbeing

The team from IGHD were granted a QMU Innovation Fellowship to support the set-up of a new social enterprise able to offer access to web-applications and associated IGHD research expertise on a not-for-profit basis.

IGHD has invested in the development of three novel application to support health service, population health and refugee integration research. These applications distinguish themselves from other survey tools and web-applications through their focus on settings experiencing inaccessibility and crises. The applications have already been deployed during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sierra Leone, Lebanon, Liberia, Sri Lanka, El-Salvador and the UK, to study community connectedness, wellbeing and coping, and challenges in the delivery of vital health care services.

The new social enterprise will revolve around a web-portal, which hosts the web-applications and makes these and their functionality available to other organizations engaged in health-related research globally. On a case-by-case basis, it is anticipated that the portal will also enable access to IGHD research expertise for consultancy purposes.