Robin Sherriff is a food & drink specialist. His background includes studying chemistry, working with premium food & drink brands and, most recently, studying a Masters in Gastronomy.

For the most part he has been involved in the food & drink sector, working with small and medium enterprises to help them with new business development, brand design, events, engagement and training.

Beyond his professional work, he has a particular interest in the world of fermentation. Since formalising his food education with the Gastronomy programme offered by the university, he has developed classes on the topic, with key food institutions such as Glasgow’s Locavore. The classes are focused on the use of fermentation in the home kitchen as a way to concoct interesting flavours, preserve seasonal vegetables year round, reduce food waste and increase food security.

His most ambitious project was inspired by the time he spent researching and writing his thesis in Kyoto, Japan. The writing had a specific focus on Japanese alcohol. Since returning from Japan, he has spent his time developing a saké style craft beer, with an aim to launch a brewery in Edinburgh.

The Koji Kitchen

Robin has since launched his business, Koji Kitchen, which sells small batches of made-in-Edinburgh Koji that can be used as a starter ingredient for things like soy sauce, sake, mirin, tamari, miso and much more.

The Koji Kitchen

Instagram - @koji_kitchen