Designed by Vikash Kumar (PhD Global Health) with the aim of connecting academic research with external stakeholders, to drive innovation and to build meaningful relationships with enterprise both instrumental in the commercialisation of research. Vikash believes that research is an investment that can solve complex issues; that consumer involvement ensures research-informed decisions; that engagement must extend beyond the academic sector.  


"Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, many things inspired me. The first moment was when I could solve this problem while discussing it with a friend . Our own frustration and everyday struggles in the research process also contributed to and inspired my journey."

"In 2016, we came up with the came up with the idea to design a research journal (hard copy) for graduate students, to keep all their notes, supervisory meetings and activities in one place. In 2017, we created the prototype of the 'Research Journal' and shared this with PhD students and faculty who were impressed by its design and content. Positive feedback prompted us to develop an online version and so we developed a model web application for storing research notes, survey files, literature review and field notes in one secure place. Further feedback prompted us to add functionalities to aid researchers and the most recent version allows users to share data with other researcher and facilitate collaboration in the process."