Naka Media creates innovative media products, primarily for advertising, with a focus on videography, photography and graphic design.

"We each had a creative spark and a desire to help others so decided to take our futures into our own hands. By gaining an understanding of what we can achieve together, we strive to give that something extra to create work with actual meaning"


Louise Duncan and Anton Winters founded Naka Media in their third year of studying for a BA Film and Media. Their goal is to empower local businesses and charities by using our understanding of digital culture to deliver content with a contemporary look and mindset.

For several years, we had been working diligently on our own freelance work, however we both recognised that our skillsets were complementary and that by combining our talents we could work on more ambitious projects.  This also allows us to spread our time collaboratively across a wider array of projects, giving us space to continue to be creative.

We established Naka Media with the goal of creating new engaging products, larger than the sum of its parts, developing our current skills to create videos for business that have heart and soul. We wanted to step away from traditional, corporate ideas, and work towards a brighter, more personal future that everyone involved is proud of.