Founded by Thomas Duncan and Anton Winters in 2018, Naka Media’s core team has spent years
collaborating, making films for marketing purposes, originals, and film festivals. Together, they have
shared a collective portfolio of over 250 projects spanning countless styles and genres. They
recognized that to excel, the company had to create services targeting specific needs and adapt to
problem-solving in the expanding world of video marketing.

Having both studied Film and Media (Hons) for four years, Tom and Anton worked together while
studying at Queen Margaret University. Upon graduating and officially launching Naka, the pair
started working with the university right away. Creating content throughout the pandemic, Naka and
QMU’s collaboration has produced a range of course videos, research content, and documentaries.
Following this, Naka has worked closely with a collection of QMU’s partners and businesses to help
grow and connect East Lothian’s small business community.

"It’s been heartwarming to work with QMU. Their endless trust and support have allowed us to try, explore, and grow our skills across a range of media content mediums. As we’ve gotten to know the fantastic staff and brilliant marketing team, we’ve felt more and more like QMU is our home. It feels like we never left."

Alongside encouraging us from the get-go, QMU allowed us to tender for work, connected us with
partners and investors, and helped us with guidance from the business gateway and innovation
zone. We have also been involved in the QMU Merchants Fund, which we have successfully received
multiple times, with preparation and support from the QMU team.

We are most thankful for the connections within the Biz that have helped foster great friendships with other tenants. Wanting to continue this friendly attitude, we encourage anyone interested in getting started, knowing more, or wanting to hear from us to contact us via our contact page on our website.

Please find our LinkedIn, Instagram and Website