Her & Her produces Vegan baking mixes to meet the growing demand for plant-based food.

This is a fast growing market - a quarter of the British population are expected to be Vegan by 2025 - and in the rush to take advantage, many Vegan versions of popular foods are as processed – and as unhealthy - as the non-Vegan counterparts. For instance, cakes and baked goods are more popular than ever but finding Vegan versions can be difficult. Some are packed full of artificial ingredients and are highly processed. To make your own requires time, knowledge and experience and the results can be disappointing.

Her & Her focuses on combining good quality, natural ingredients with the convenience of a baking mix to produce the tastiest baked goods for Vegans and other consumers who are interested in living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Her & Her’s brand values also include a focus on sustainability - they recently used a grant from Santander Universities to produce environmentally friendly packaging - and female empowerment, “I work with my brilliant mother, who as well as being a scientist in climate research, has published various baking and cook books.”

Her & Her currently produces three mixes – Brownies, Snickerdoodles and Oatmeal cookies which are sold on Etsy, in two stores in Edinburgh and at various market stalls. There are plans to develop further products including gluten-free and savoury items.

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