Health Design Collective is a Community Interest Company that aims to transform product design in health care.  "We collaborate with end-users to co-design fit-for-purpose, accessible, attractive, affordable health care products to improve the quality of life of people with health conditions."


"Health care products are often designed for conditions rather than for people living with conditions. Someone told us the slogan 'Hate it, Change it!' This is what we are trying to do by taking a user-centred approach and co-designing with people who will use the final product."

Our company started after conversations with people about their experiences of using health products that failed to address their needs, despite providing health benefits.  This led a group of academics and clinicians to start the Health Design Collective.  We design products with the people who will use them.  Our first product is footwear for people with foot-drop, to reduce trips, falls and fatigue when walking.  We are calling this the "Jackie-Go" range to honour the memory of someone who contributed a lot of thinking from her own experiences of foot-drop.  Our business model prioritises collective development and inclusivity, which led us to set up as a non-profit social enterprise.