Amy Elder founded Elderberry Arts, musical theatre classes for children, shortly after graduating with a BA (Hons) in Drama & Performance. 

"Elderberry Arts believes in creating memorable moments! Our goal is to spread passion and enjoyment for performing arts across generations by delivering fun and stimulating experiences during our interactive musical theatre classes.  Their early years 'adult and me' programme has specifically been designed to provide grown-ups and their little ones the chance to bond whilst developing their creativity, imagination and confidence." 

"During my time auditioning in London I realised that my happiness and future career was in the hands of casting directors who didn't really know me, and were judging me from a 5-minute snapshot. I became an entrepreneur when I decided I wanted to make the decisions about my own life and take control of my career"

"The support I received during my time at QMU and thereafter when joining the BIZ helped to reassure me that I do have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to build a business in my field.  My previous training in musical theatre meant that I was fortunate enough to gain lots of experience working for a variety of different companies as a performing art and musical theatre teacher while studying at university.  These work opportunities as well as placements I went on during university modules gave me the chance to build up my skills and confidence, and helped me to realise not only my ambitions as a businesswoman but also where there was a gap in the market."