Broadsword Theatre was founded in 2017 by Alexander Cook (MA Cultural and Creative Enterprise) and Sam Eastop with a view to making new, innovative theatre projects and exploring original and creative storytelling, drawing on their combined experience of writing, directing, production, theatre, movement and dance.

"The creative industries have often been a difficult sphere to find substantive work in, which necessitates a certain level of entrepreneurialism. This, coupled with the skills and confidence Sam and I obtained from our training and education, has inspired us to create our own opportunities. It allows us the freedom to explore our own creative projects, network, and develop our skills exactly how it suits our development and growth."

Broadsword aims to collaborate and engage with talented, creative artists and theatre-makers in order to bring fresh performances into the Scottish theatre scene - and beyond.  In its 2018 Edinburgh Fringe debut, Broadsword staged two original shows: One Musical To Rule Them All and Hotel, receiving 4- and 5-star reviews