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Division: Occupational Therapy & Arts Therapies

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Dr Sarah Kantartzis (DipCOT, MSC, PhD) is a Senior Lecturer in the Occupational Therapy & Arts Therapies Division. She is also an Associate member of the Centre for Applied Social Sciences and the Centre for Person-centred Practice Research.


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I am an occupational therapist and have worked in mental health with adults and children in both England and Greece. I was a Laboratory Professor in Occupational Therapy at the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Athens, Greece. I was elected for three terms of office as a member of the board of the Hellenic Association of Occupational Therapists, primarily developing CPD opportunities for the members, and was representative of Greece to the World Federation of Occupational Therapists. I have been active since 1999 in the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) as President and Vice President, member of the Terminology project group, the Tuning Occupational Therapy Project group and currently am a member of the Citizenship Project Group. I was coordinator of the European Grundtvig Learning Partnership ELSITO (Empowering Learning for Social Inclusion through Occupation), which continues as an informal network in Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Bulgaria. I am currently Secretary of the Occupational Science Europe network.

Affiliations/Memberships to Other Organisations:

  • British Association of Occupational Therapists. Hellenic Association of Occupational Therapists. International Society for Occupational Science. Occupational Science Europe. European Social Anthropology Assocation.

Professional Social Media:

  • Twitter: @skantartzis
  • Researchnet: Sarah.Kantartzis  
  • LinkedIn: Sarah Kantartzis

Research/Knowledge Exchange Centre Membership:

My doctoral research, exploring the concept of occupation within the Greek context, was positioned within the discipline of occupational science. I am particularly interested in the relationship between the occupation of everyday life in our communities (individual, family and collective occupation) and health and experiences of well-being. This particularly focuses on the impact of space and time as well as the social on the construction of daily occupation and its iterative relationship with the social world.

I am co-editor of a book on “Occupation-based social inclusion” (publication early 2017), with proposal for ongoing work with authors and editors towards research and practice developments.

As a member of the ENOTHE European project group on Citizenship, with members from UK, Tunisia and Spain, we are exploring the concept of citizenship, particularly participatory citizenship, and its relation to occupation in practice and education.

Active Research Interests:

  • Social inclusion; citizenship; collective occupation and community development and cohesion; occupation, health and well-being; culture and occupation.

Research Methods:

  • Ethnography; Narrative


Please see my research publications in eResearch – Queen Margaret University’s repository

Sarah's seminars and lectures focus on occupational science; occupation, health and well-being; collective occupation; community development; social inclusion; final year projects; occupational therapy theory; citizenship; occupation-based public health and health promotion.