The Americas

The following are some of our research projects and outputs in North and South America:

Institute for Global Health and Development

A Household Yeast Sensor for Cholera
Columbia University, USA
2018 - Present
This work is funded by the USA National Institute of Health and supports colleagues at Columbia University in the development of an innovative product for cholera diagnosis and surveillance.  Researchers at IGHD explore the product's adoption, impact and cost effectiveness when used in humanitarian and low-resource settings.

NIHR Research Unit on Health in Situations of Fragility (RUHF)

Lebanon, Sierra Leone, El Salvador
2017 - Present
The NIHR Research Unit on Health in Situation of Fragility (RUHF) at QMU focuses on contexts where displacement, conflict, pandemic disease or weak capacity makes the delivery of health services especially challenging. Although its work seeks to be of wide relevance to delivery of healthcare in situations of fragility RUHF especially focusing on two vital but commonly neglected areas of health provision in thee contexts: mental health and psychosocial support and the treatment and prevention of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.  RUHF researchers at QMU work closely with the Unit's collaborative partners - the Global Health Institute, American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon, and the College of Medicine & Allied Health Science (COMAHS), Freetown Sierra Leone. 

Channels of Hope for Child Protection

Senegal, Uganda, Guatemala
2016 - Present
IGHD researchers have supported the evaluation of strengthening community-based World Vision programmes seeking to mobilise local faith communities in promoting child protection.  After pilot work in Malawi, impact research studies are currently underway in Senegal and planned for settings in central Asia and Latin America.


Centre for Applied Social Sciences

Attachment and Political Information Processing
New York University, USA,
This ongoing research project is focused on examining attachment style and how it is related to judgements about political candidates, and heuristic judgements with respect to leadership styles.

Social Transformation through Occupation Project Group
Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and Spain
2017- Present
Funded by ENOTHE (European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education) Research project exploring the processes and theoretical underpinnings of projects of projects or organisations  working towards social transformation through occupation

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