Australia and New Zealand

The following are some of our research projects and outputs in Australia and New Zealand:

Centre for Person-centred Practice

International Community of Practice for Person-centred Practice (iCOP)

University of Wollongong, Australia
2018- Present
A collaboration for advancing knowledge in person-centredness including teaching, learning research and development.  Other partners include Ulster University, Fontys University of Applied Science, the Netherlands, University of South Eastern Norway, Bergen University College, University of Vienna, Leiter Pflegeentwicklung, Switzerland; the Health Executive, Ireland.


Centre for Health, Activity and Rehabilitation Research

University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia
2015- Present
External supervision by Derek Santos of PhD students.  He is also the co-applicant of 3 successful grant awards and co-author of 3 associated publications.


Centre for Applied Social Sciences

Moving On with Music

University of Wellington, New Zealand School of Music, New Zealand
2018- Present
Research project with Daphne Rickson, Senior Lecturer at the New Zealand School of Music.


Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Unit

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Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Unit

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