Impact of COVID-19 on children of colour in Scotland

This qualitative project investigated the social and cultural impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Black, Asian and other racialised minority ethnic children in Scotland (hereafter ‘children of colour’).

Background of the project

The project investigated how children of colour are experiencing the pandemic, and what they want public services to do in order to actually help them and their communities. The project was designed in collaboration with grassroots anti-racist activists, researchers and educators in Scotland (see ‘Research Team’).

This research was funded by the Scottish Funding Council: Research Funding to Mitigate the Effects of COVID 19 on the Research Base

Research Methods

To adhere to lockdown rules and to ensure the safety of participants, the research was conducted online/at a distance using a range of methods. Different methods were used to maximise the flexibility of participation. Such methods included:

  • Zoom interviews
  • Writing or drawing
  • Voice recordings

Many children had support from adults to take part, while others took part on their own.  


35 children of colour living in Scotland, aged between 9 months – 15 years of age, with the average age being 9 years old.

Research Team

Principal Investigator

Dr Caralyn Blaisdell, Queen Margaret University

       Caralyn Blaisdell

Research Assistant

Fatmata K Daramy, Queen Margaret University

              Image of Fatmata K Daramy


Pavithra Sarma

              Image of Pavithra Sarma


Community Advisors

Tamzin McDonald

                  Image of Tamzin McDonald

Benitha Iradukunda

                   Image of Benitha Iradukunda


Child Advisory Team

Ashaanka Sarma


Jamal Imran