Scottish Funding Council (SFC) Research Funding to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the research base

In June 2020, the Scottish Government announced a £75 million boost for Scottish university research" in order to contribute to the mitigation of effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Scottish university research base, recognising a wide range of impacts to both the income and activity of university research in the short, medium and longer term. As a result of this announcement, QMU received £374,518. This Scottish Funding Council (SFC) funding was intended to:

  • Protect excellent, world-leading research.
  • Help institutions concentrate fully on planning the long-term future.
  • Help universities focus more effort on the high priority research needed to fight the outbreak and to support society and the economy.
  • Support PhD students whose studies have been impacted.




SFC Covid-19 Enquiries

Further information is available on QMU's SFC projects.

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SFC Covid-19 Enquiries

Miriam Smith Innovation and Enterprise Manager
Norma Diack Executive Assistant