QMU is dedicated to improving quality of life and building the evidence-base for policy and practice through world leading multidisciplinary, translational research and international collaboration. We initiate and share research ideas that are demand led and focused on a broader perspective. The value of our work is measured by its impact and the social usefulness, practicality and applicability of its outcomes.

QMU is committed to the application of translational research to influence public discourse beyond academia, including policy makers, industry, public sector, voluntary and community sectors, and the wider public. We continue to support research and innovation externally, working with organisations and business to achieve economic and societal transformation, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We support the development of our researchers to be adaptable and flexible in an increasingly complex external policy context while establishing sustainable, international relationships with strategically aligned organisations by developing suitable engagement activities and communication channels. From fostering long-term practice and innovation in the public or private sector; understanding the potential of expertise and evidence; or identifying a route to a more sustainable trajectory, many of today’s most pressing problems require the kind of interdisciplinary research for which QMU is widely recognised as an international leader.

QMU prioritises wider social agendas as well as economic goals, including contributions to civic life, social, community, health, cultural and intellectual enrichment. We play a key role in thought leadership on economic and societal impact, how it is measured and how it should be used.

Service Innovation

Specifically we are keen to play a key role in thought leadership on economic and societal impact, how it is measured and how it should be used. In the area of Service Innovation, we are keen to build on collaboration with users as a source of innovation, recognising, that in many economic sectors, the user is often a key driver of innovation.

Given the importance of the service sector to the Scottish economy we believe that a better understanding of supply chain linkages between technology and the service sectors is vital. Through our Consumer Dispute Resolution Centre (CDRC), we are working to challenge and define the contours of service innovation and its significance as a cross cutting priority across many of the economic sectors. 



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Research and Knowledge Exchange Development Unit

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