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QMU has an established reputation for innovative and impactful research across a range of disciplines. Over half  of QMU’s research projects involve collaboration with outside partners including the NHS, charities and government. Our researchers have proven experience delivering consultancy and contract research in a range of sectors and work across boundaries, challenging conventional thinking and offering surprising new insights.  Consultancy and contract research offers researchers the opportunity to engage outside academia, build impact for their research, and create mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration.

Consultancy and contract research at QMU provides access to our leading researchers, laboratories and resources:

  • Consultancy - A consultancy project addresses a business issue or challenge and involves specific problem-solving for the client organisation. It is usually carried out on a short timescale and  the results are often confidential.
  • Contract or Commissioned Research - Contract or commissioned research is a project carried out to a specific client brief; for example, proof of concept, proof of market or market analysis. It may involve R&D, market research, laboratory testing, data analysis and can be short-term or long-term. The focus of a contract or commissioned research project is to apply research to real world problems.
  • Collaborative Research - Collaborative Research brings two or more parties together in a research partnership, each bringing their own expertise to the partnership. Collaborative research is a mid to long term commitment, often funded by Research Councils, NHS government or charities.

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