Brigston & Co

Brigston & Co

A unique hot dog made from Scottish farm assured beef and pork, delicately ground with ten secret herbs and spices.

It was developed over a year of testing and trialling to ensure a balanced depth of flavour and smokiness.

The creators are passionate about changing people's perceptions of hot dogs and putting pride and passion into everything they make.

"We love the concept of the hot dog, but we are also passionate about the quality and provenance of the ingredients used."
Brigston & Co

Brigston & Co is an independently owned business based in Dumfries & Galloway, founded and run by Claire and Euan, a husband and wife team.

They are a couple of ambitious foodies with over 30 years' experience in the catering industry. They share a passion for great tasting, fresh food using top quality, locally sourced ingredients.

This ethos, clubbed with their innovative ideas, results in unique, flavoursome, high-quality produce.


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Brose is a sustainable alternative to dairy milk and other plant-based drinks. Their 100% Scottish oats are easy to grow and source locally.

It contains only the finest Scottish oats - a natural superfood that's full of essential vitamins and minerals, and a great source of fibre.

"Oat milk also packs a protein punch and can make you feel fuller for longer."

That means it's good for bones, skin and hair, as well as for your gut.

Brose is also vegan, making it an excellent choice for people who are intolerant to dairy, lactose, soy or nuts.

Food For Life

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At Food For Life, they believe that everyone should have access to healthy and sustainable food that is good for the climate, nature, and health.

"Through our programmes, award schemes, campaigns, policy advocacy, networks, and partnerships, our work continues to inspire, ignite conversation, and drive innovation."
Food For Life

Their approach is unique in its breadth across the food system: operating on the frontline with schools, nurseries, caterers, farmers and growers. They engage with local and national policy makers, along with influencers from grassroots organisations to key government departments.

Food For Life achieve this by listening to and working alongside those on the frontline of the food system - innovating workable solutions on a local level that can be used on a national scale.

Mossgiel Organic Farm

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Sustainable means being able to produce food not just for next week and next month, but the next years, decades and generations as well.

"What is good for the land (and good for the cows) is also good for us."

This is why Mossgiel farms regeneratively and organically. They understand that it is better to work with nature than against it.

Mungoswells Farm

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Situated in the heart of East Lothian, Mungoswells Farm produces quality, award-winning flours (both organic and non-organic) with unrivalled traceability.

Their flour is made using as much wheat grown in East Lothian as possible. As volumes have expanded, however, they have had to look, firstly, Scotland-wide and then to the south of the border.

Unlike commercial white flour, theirs has small darker flecks in it. These are tiny particles of bran - the outer protective skin on a grain of wheat that contains more protein, fibre, and flavour.



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Surplus produce in the United Kingdom is often discarded or wasted, resulting in negative consequences for everyone. WasteKnot came about as a way of getting surplus vegetables out of farmers' fields and into chef's kitchens.

"Around 7% of food in the UK is wasted or surplus, with a value of £1.2billion if sold at market values, according to a WRAP report."

Their ambition is to make sure farmers are paid a commercial value for unused produce, as well as helping the hospitality sector to enhance its sustainability credentials.