Library Facilities

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. This is a very flexible area which includes a number of different spaces for various types of work and to suit different types of study, in addition to books, journals and access to IT.

Service Desk

The Service Desk is where anyone can access the support of the LRC staff.  These staff can assist with anything within the LRC, including student IT queries.

Self-service Machines

The LRC uses self-service machines which allow students to issue and return their own books. There is also a bank of catalogue terminals which show where to find resources and whether they are on loan.  There are other dedicated catalogue terminals at either end of the Learning Resource Centre.

Open Access Area

There are over 100 thin-client terminals available throughout the LRC, freely available to all. There are a number of laptop plug in points throughout the space.  Multi-function devices (print, copy, scan) are also available, one of which prints in colour.  There are also seven dedicated computers for viewing DVDs, videos and other online materials. The LRC also has comfy seating areas spread across the floor-space, including a sound-proofed purple pod.

Quiet Study Rooms

The Learning Resource Centre has six non-bookable quiet study rooms. These are for anyone who want a quieter space but still wish to use a laptop or have access to a thin-client terminal.

Silent Study Rooms

There are two non-bookable rooms which are entirely set aside for silent study, with no technology allowed.

Individual Study Carrels

There are six bookable study carrels for individual use. Each has somewhere to plug in a laptop and a light.

Group Study Rooms & Space

The LRC has six bookable group study rooms for the exclusive use of students who want to do collaborative learning ie group work.  These all have audio-visual equipment, projector and smart-board.  There is also a non-bookable group study space where a number of groups can work at the same time.

Postgraduate Study Room

This large open space has a large number of thin-clients terminals and a seating area for the exclusive use of those studying at post-graduate level.

Assistive Technology Room

Anyone who needs specialist hardware or software has access to the Assistive Technology room. This area also has a dedicated printer.

IT Seminar Rooms

There are four bookable IT seminar rooms which can be used by anyone when they are not booked for teaching. Two of the rooms are set aside for quiet study.

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