Information Technology will play a large part in your studies at Queen Margaret University and this is your guide to getting up and running.

Online Matriculation

All new and continuing students should matriculate online using the QMU Portal.

If you can't matriculate online before you arrive, then bring your QMU acceptance letter with you. This will tell you your student number - you will need this to matriculate on campus. The academic building is open 24/7, so you will be able to matriculate when you arrive. 

Logging in

Your username to access QMU IT systems is the same as your matriculation number. Your password is the one which you retrieved when you matriculated online. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it online or contact the LRC Service Desk. Your password will expire every 60 days. If you do not choose a new password when prompted, your password will expire and you will not be able to logon.

If this happens, contact the Assist Helpdesk for assistance. If you're on campus, you can change your password by going to any thin client terminal and clicking on the Student password reset option. You will need to know the answers to your security questions, which you should have set up when you matriculated online. You can change your QMU password remotely if you wish. You will need to update any devices with your new password to continue to be able to access Eduroam and QMU email on those devices. Our booklet how to change your QMU password has all the information you need. 


QMU gives all matriculated students a user account and mailbox which you must use for communicating with:

  • Your lecturers and tutors
  • Other staff and professionals within QMU
  • Students on your course
  • Students on other courses
  • Professional contacts outwith QMU

Limited personal use of your QMU mailbox is permitted, but you must be aware of our acceptable usage policy. Our handy 'communicating with others' guide for information on other communication tools such as the Moderator service and the plasma information screens on campus. You must check your student mailbox regularly as it is the only account that QMU will use to communicate with you.

Mobile Devices

You can now access your QMU mailbox and the remote desktop service with a variety of smartphones and mobile devices.

Wi-Fi Access

All QMU students, staff, and visitors from participating institutions should use the eduroam network.

Eduroam enables users from participating institutions to use their Queen Margaret University email address and password credentials to access the eduroam network.

Hub@QMU (Blackboard)

Hub@QMU is our online virtual learning environment and is hosted on the Blackboard platform.

Logon with your normal QMU username and password.


The QMU academic timetable is available online. Click to view QMU timetable online. You can view timetables in many different ways. You might choose to search by the module that you are studying, for example. To do this, click on Module then select the relevant module from the list. You can also see the timetables for each of your chosen modules if you sign in to the student portal.

Once signed in, go to the Student details section and click on View modules you are taking. A list of your modules appears, with a link to view the relevant timetable. To begin with, you might find it helpful to see the overall timetable for your Group. To do this, click on Group then find and click on your allocated group on the list. This will show you all your timetabled activities for the entire academic year. It is important to remember that not every activity will take place every week! The academic year is divided into weeks and all timetabled events have week numbers against them.

For more assistance with your online timetable, please attend one of the scheduled drop-in sessions or contact your School Office.

You can also find out where your class is by checking the plasma screens at the entrance to all the teaching corridors. The screens are updated from the booking system every minute, and show a selected list of commonly used rooms. The information shown cycles between current and future bookings for the same day. 

Outlook Webmail (Office 365)

The QMU Outlook Webmail service allows you to access your QMU mailbox from a web browser or any internet connected computer. The Outlook Webmail guide has more information.

Working Off Campus

QMU's state-of-the-art thin client environment means that everyone, including our distance and part-time learners, can access QMU's online resources from wherever they study.

Our Citrix Remote Desktop service allows you to login and work as if you were on campus.

Our handy Remote Access Guide tells you all you need to know about accessing this service.

Office 2016

As a member of staff or a current student of QMU you are entitled to free downloads of Microsoft Office 2016. Both Windows and Apple versions can be installed on up to 5 concurrent devices.

To access the download please log into webmail.

Once logged in click on “Office 365” at the top left and you will be redirected to the Office 365 home page. The “Install Office apps” button will be visible at the top right.

Be aware that this is your own personal copy of Office and is not supported by QMU IT.


QMU computer terminals across campus are linked to a battery of multi-function print devices (MFDs). Each of these devices is designed to provide high quality black and white printing, scanning and copying. Some are also equipped to provide high quality colour printing and copying. A small charge is applicable for printing and copying however bulk printing (more than 50 pages) should be arranged via Paragon Service Point, QMU's web-print portal.

New students are awarded credit towards the cost of their printing during enrolment at QMU. Credit can be uploaded using all major credit cards and via Paypal and WorldPay. Two cash-loading machines are installed in the LRC, however no refunds are permitted so care should be taken when adding credit, particularly near the end of each academic year. The print credit may only be used when printing via the MFD devices and cannot be used to purchase print services from the Service Point.

Print tasks which require binding or laminating services should also be requested via the Paragon Service Point.

Resources & Learning

As a QMU student you will have access to our dedicated information technology facilities. On campus we offer state-of-the-art 'thin client' terminals, all of which are connected to our high speed network. These give students access to services such as:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Email
  • Standard software such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, RefWorks etc
  • Specialised applications, dependent on course
  • Wide range of electronic resources for study and research

Every terminal conforms to an identical basic set-up which includes the Microsoft Windows operating system. QMU's use of use of industry-standard software ensures that you will develop practical skills which will be easily transferable to the workplace.

Would you like to learn more about IT and technology?

Introductory sessions covering the following topics are scheduled for new students during the main induction week:

  • Discover Library Essentials (Learning Resource Centre)
  • Blackboard (Centre for Academic Practice)
  • Timetabling (drop-in sessions)
  • Information Technology staff will be available on campus at the arrivals weekend and located at the LRC desk for any IT related issues you have within your first few weeks of term.

You will get details of these when you arrive on campus.

Discounted Hardware & Software

To help students study more flexibly QMU now provides access to a scheme which lets you buy a quality laptop and enhanced warranty via its own cost-effective University purchasing agreement. The National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA) is managed by UCISA on behalf of the Higher Education section and is available to all UK-based HE students.

StudentStore is the Getech-hosted portal that gives you direct access to the products, pricing and enhanced warranty services of the agreement. More information on the scheme is available from the LRC Service Desk.

IT Services

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