Part 3

Now that I was decided I was going to enquire about the chance of a semester abroad I thought when will I do it? After a quick read on the RILO section of the QMU website I realised I couldn’t carry out an exchange in my fourth year as we all require to study write our dissertation at our home University.

Now in September I thought the only chance I have is getting a last minute place on the semester two exchange in January. But would there be a place? How much would it be? Where would I stay? Where would I go?

Bring in Laura…

I took a quick walk up to student services to speak to someone in the RILO team. After having a chat with a friendly Gentleman, also called Greg (we awkwardly laughed), he introduced me to Laura. We sat and chatted for two minutes and Laura indicated that if I had a look at Universities, modules etc. I could take up a place on one of the outstanding spots.

Please note at this point I was trying to do everything last minute. If I had been at QMU for my second year I would have followed the correct process for applying for an exchange and would have had a lot more time to look this over.

Now I am sitting at home looking through the list of available places. Do I want to go to the States? Should I go to Sweden, Germany, Australia or New Zealand? With a great choice of excellent schools, I narrowed it down to three choices.

I could go to Amherst, Massachusetts. A bus ride from Boston, carry out my lifelong dream to see the Chicago River died green for St Patricks Day. Sounds good… Or I could go to New Britain, Connecticut. Right in the middle between New York City and Boston. Also a quick bus right from Hartford, once Americas Richest City. What about Pennsylvania? Slippery Rock University…I know it’s hilarious. With Pittsburgh an hour to the South and Cleveland an hour and a half North West I could visit a part of America I have never thought to see.

It all sounds very exciting doesn’t it.

Before I got too carried away with which city I am going to visit next I met with my PAT (Personal Academic Tutor). It is very important that I get the correct amount of credits and necessary modules to contribute towards my dissertation and in the end my degree. This was an eye opener and a great indicator to where I would end up in January.

Through process of elimination I was down to one. And as hysterical for my friends as it is, I am off to Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania.

So that’s me sorted. I have my modules picked, I know where I am going, I have spoken to my work and I know how much the flight is.

Oh but wait…how am I going to pay for it?

Semester Abroad Experiences

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