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Children's University aims to promote social mobility by providing exciting and innovative learning activities outside normal school hours to children aged 5 to14.

Queen Margaret University is proud to be the first higher education institution in the east of Scotland to host the Children’s University.

The Queen Margaret Children’s University (QMCU) aims to help school children become confident learners and broaden their horizons. The initiative strives to raise children’s aspirations, encourages them to learn in different ways, and rewards them for taking part in a wide variety of learning activities outside of school hours. The QMCU ethos is clearly aligned with the aims of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence in terms of helping children become successful and confident learners, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

QMCU is currently working in partnership with schools in East Lothian and Midlothian and over 3000 pupils are actively participating in QMCU activities across both regions.

How does it work?

The Children's University recognises and rewards the learning and activities that children take part in outside normal school hours and is open to children in Primary 5, 6 & 7 if their school has signed up to the scheme. Participation in the Children's University is voluntary.

Children receive a Passport to Learning from their school and they can collect credits for each activity they take part in. Credits can be given for taking part in learning experiences and activities at afterschool clubs, sports clubs, museums, libraries and music groups. This learning doesn't need to be purely academic, often it is focused towards developing the skills that may help children go to university in the future and many of the activities link with university subjects.

If children gain sufficient credits they, and their families, will be invited to attend an awards ceremony at QMU.

Get involved

If you are a pupil, parent or a teacher who would like to find out more about QMCU and how you can get involved then please contact us via 

You can also find more information on the Children's University Scotland website-

Children's University

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