Division of Psychology, Sociology and Education - our outward-facing, innovative and cross-disciplinary research.

 Our research interests in Psychology include:

  • Cognitive and Social Development
  • Discourse and Identity
  • Educational/Developmental Social Psychology
  • Experiences of Health and Illness
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Eye-Witness Testimony
  • Individual Differences
  • Memory Research
  • Narratives of Mental Illness and Well-Being
  • Phenomenological Qualitative Research
  • Political Psychology
  • Psychology of Pain
  • Social Identity

Our research interests in Sociology include

  • Class & Social Stratification
  • Environment & Society
  • Gender, Sexuality and Wellbeing
  • Gender and Violence
  • Public Sociology
  • Production and consumption of fashion
  • Rural Sociology both EU and Worldwide    
  • Social Movements and Activism
  • Sociology of formal and informal education
  • Sociology of Religion 
  • Sociology of Scotland

Our interests in Education include: 

  • Social justice and Education
  • Creativity and learning
  • Children, food and learning
  • Wellbeing and the role of learning