PALM-ALT project (Novel palm shortening substitute)

Led by Julien Lonchamp and Catriona Liddle of the SCFDI, the project led to the development of a novel palm shortening substitute with environmental and health benefits (reduced saturated fat and carbon emissions). The project was funded by Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund in 2020-22 (£683k). For more information please read our case study or contact the project team via email at 

Media coverage of the project - BBC

SOY-SUST project (Novel salt-reducing agent)

The project investigates a soy sauce industry co-product as novel salt-reducing agent for the food industry. The project is currently funded by Innovate UK’s Better Food for All: Innovation for Improved Nutrition scheme (2023-24) and is run in collaboration with an industry consortium (£259k). For more information please see our video case study or email

Mycoprotein project (Novel fat-reducing agent)

The project investigates the use of mycoprotein (high-protein biomass produced by fungal fermentation) as a novel functional ingredient allowing to reduce fat in emulsion-based products. The pilot study was supported by QMU via an Innovation Fellowship and the project is currently at prototyping stage. For more information please email us: