QMU Procurement Report - Section 1 Summary of Regulated Procurements Completed

Section 1 Summary of Regulated Procurements Completed

QMU strongly believes in conducting its procurements in an open and inclusive manner with procurement objectives aligned to the University’s Strategic Plan.  


The details of regulated procurements completed are set out in a list at the end of this report with details summarised in Appendix A. That information, coupled with the publication of the institutional Contracts Register and the systematic use of Public Contracts Scotland and Quick Quotes, provides complete visibility of the University’s procurement activity over the reporting period. 

In Appendix A, information is set out to show lower value regulated procurements completed and EU regulated procurements completed. These are separated into contract categories and distinguish collaborative contracts from institutional ones. For each completed regulated procurement the information provided shows: 

  •  the date of award 
  •  the start dates 
  •  the category subject matter 
  •  the name of the supplier 
  •  estimated value of the contract – total over contract period 
  • collaborative or institution owned 
  • the end date provided for in the contract or a description of the circumstances in which the contract will end. 
  • SME / supported business?