Student Guides Accessing Module Evaluation Results in the Hub

Accessing Module Evaluation Results in the Hub

All Hub modules have a standard QMU module evaluation loaded by default. The evaluation is based on the survey tool and there should be a menu item linking to the evaluation.

[ image of hub layout]

Releasing the default module evaluation to students

Initially, the module evaluation may be hidden from students, as indicated by the square icon with the diagonal line. To make the module evaluations available to students click the drop- down menu next to the menu name and choose Show Link.

[ image of hub layout]

Viewing the statistics report for a module evaluation

You can view the statistics reports for the completed evaluations in the Grade Centre. Go to Control Panel>Grade Centre>Full Grade Centre

The Grade Centre contains a row for every student on the module and a separate column for each assignment, test or survey.

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First locate the column for the module evaluation. If a student has completed the evaluation, you will see a green tick icon in the cell for that student. If a student has started completing an evaluation but has not submitted it you will see a pencil and paper icon indicating the attempt is in progress.

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Although you can see which students have completed the evaluation, the survey tool is anonymous and you cannot identify a particular student’s answers (unless only one student completes the module evaluation).

To view the statistics report, click the drop- down menu in the column header and choose Attempts Statistics.

This will load the statistics which can then be easily viewed onscreen. Example:

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Exporting the evaluation result to .csv or .txt file

It is possible to export the data from the module evaluation to Microsoft Excel.

Please note: the export function is messy and may require substantial formatting and editing before being able to get the data into a useable format.

To export the evaluation results go to the column header in the Grade Centre and select the option Download Results. You can then save the data as either a .csv or .txt file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

[ image of hub layout]