Occupational Therapy

Welcome to the Occupational Therapy section of the Practice-Based Learning Support Web Site.

Queen Margaret University offers 2 pre-registration occupational therapy programmes requiring practice-based learning experiences. These are:-

Our programmes run as an Integrated masters programme with learning being shared across between routes where possible. Learners may also exit with a BSc (Hons) or PgDip in Occupational Therapy and be eligible to register with HCPC. Regardless of route or programme, all leaners are on PBL modules at the same time and must meet the same learning outcomes.

Supporting the practice learning element of these programmes is the following Practice-based Learning Team:

Julie King – Lecturer, contact for MSc Occupational Therapy (pre registration) practice placements

Joanna Beveridge – Lecturer, contact for Master of Occupational Therapy (pre registration) practice placements and Master of Occupational Therapy modules

Pamela Knox – Placement Administrator, School of Health Sciences. Pamela is responsible for the administration of all placement modules

Xanthe Duncan - Placement Team Coordinator, Academic Administration. Xanthe coordinates the core regulatory requirements across the placement spectrum and ensures student's compliance.
How to Contact Us:   
All enquiries should be directed in the first instance to Pamela Knox via OT Placement

General Web Resources

The weblinks below are provided as resources to support you in your practice-based learning role:

Shared Documents

This section contains information that is common to all our Occupational Therapy pre-registration programmes at Queen Margaret University.

All of the documents can be printed out using File/Print. In the case of Word forms, these are designed to be saved to your local file space using File/Save as and then completed on-screen before saving again. If required, they can then be printed out for signatures etc.

For All 

Practice Education Calendar (xls)

Learning Agreement Handbook

Guidance: Completion of assessment report forms

Guidance: Supporting a student at risk of failing a practice placement

Guidance: Discontinuation of practice placement

Guidance: Health Issues 

Guidance: Unprofessional behaviour/suitability

Guidance: Appropriate use of social media 

Guidance: Student Identity and Attendance Monitoring

Guidance: Service user feedback (pdf)

Practice Based Learning Handbook

The Brenda Overton Memorial Award

Primarily For Students

Case Study Guide (pdf)

Practice Education Portfolio Handbook (pdf)

Reflective Diary Handbook (Word)

Practice Education Supervision Record (pdf)

Learner Evaluation of PBL (Word)

Student Résumé Preparation Tool (Word)

PBL Assessment Forms

These are largely based on our existing assessment forms so you will hopefully be very familiar with them. The Learning Agreement is now incorporated in to the assessment forms.





Midway contact – at the mid-way point of each PBL, the students Personal Academic Tutor will email you using this form. Best practice is to include the student when responding to this email.

Curriculum Overview