QMU guidelines Checking student Identity and attendance monitoring throughout practice placement

Checking student Identity and attendance monitoring throughout practice placement

We require student identity to be checked at the commencement of any practice placement and attendance to be formally monitored.

Identity checking

Student identity must be confirmed at the start of each practice placement. To do this students are advised to bring their Student Matriculation Card, which shows the photograph and name of the student, with them on placement and they must show this to the practice educator(s) responsible for facilitating the placement.

In the unlikely event that the student’s identity cannot be confirmed from their matriculation card, alternative official photo ID (i.e. passport, or driving licence) can be used to confirm identity. If the student’s identity cannot be confirmed the Practice Educator must contact the Professional Practice Tutor at the University.

Once the matriculation card has been checked and the student’s identity confirmed the practice educator should sign the declaration at the end of the practice placement assessment report form. The final placement report should be returned to the University in line with normal practice outlined in Section 17 of this handbook.

Attendance monitoring

Every student is required to inform their practice placement site and the University should they be unable to attend their placement on any given day.

In the event that a student has an authorised or unexpected absence from placement which lasts for more than 48 hours we ask that the practice educator informs Pamela Knox, Placement Administrator, School of Health Sciences of this absence immediately. E-mail: placement attendances email  Tel: 0131-474-0000 then follow voice automated instructions.

Attendance must be monitored throughout the placement and all absences from placement must be recorded by practice educator(s) in the appropriate sections of the Time Cards and Assessment Report Form.